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write for price
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Passive Income

Welcome to Commercial Metropole. We’ve launched a new program where you can write with us and get the rewards you deserve or receive money directly.


Our site Commercial Metropole is a blogging site and here we write blogs on business, finance, economy, trade-related topics. If you have an idea about these and if you can write well, contact us and join as an author at Commercial Metropole.

Terms and Policy

It’ll be a blessing for us if we get some good writers on our team. However, you need to make sure that your writing doesn’t contain anything that would attract visitors to Illegal, antisocial, immoral, dishonest tasks, and that your writing doesn’t contain misspellings and grammatical errors.

Of course, your writing must be 100% unique and free of plagiarism (copyrights). Your writing should be search engine optimized, which means that your SEO score should be good so that your content can easily rank on the top of the search engine. Single large content isn’t enough to rank in search engines.

Guest Posting

If you’re already a blogger then good luck to you that you can collaborate with a business brand like us by writing guest posts where you can link your site (backlinking) with us.

Special Note

We’re looking for quality content, you can read our blogs to get an idea about the quality of content. Welcome to all writers who don’t write to earn money or to gain backlinks, but for the sake of gaining audience attention and ranking in search engines. Let the reader easily understand and enjoy reading.