Win 4000 $DOGE | AMA – Ask Me Anything with Dogecoin event coming

WhiteBIT is a trading and exchange platform that supports basic, spot, margin trading systems also you can stake different cryptocurrencies to get huge interests.

WhiteBIT arranging an event with Dogecoin ($DOGE) where you can win 4000 $DOGE for asking questions. In the first round, the AMA session will be presented on Telegram with Max Keller (Dogecoin Core Developer). Through this form, you can win 4000 $DOGE by asking questions related to Dogecoin. Max Keller will answer your question and the best questioner will get 4000 $DOGE reward.

4000 DOGE worth 285 USD on 10-Feb-2021

This is an AMA session i.e. Ask Me Anything session and in this event, you can ask anything like when will Dogecoin get $1 value and will Dogecoin be $10/DOGE in 2021?

You can listen to this Telegram AMA with Dogecoin event on February 17th (4 p.m. UTC) on WhiteBIT’s Telegram channel. According to WhiteBIT, it’ll be displayed in chat form.

The information you need to fill in the form to win the prize by asking questions about Dogecoin is Telegram Username, Twitter Username, and E-mail Address.

However, many are still taking Dogecoin as a joke, and Elon Musk himself tweeted that Dogecoin is fun crypto. Many people find it ridiculous to invest in a meme coin, but many investors haven’t lost faith in Dogecoin. And those who sold DOGEs are now just regretting it.

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