11 VPS Hosting Providers | Best VPServer (2021 Updated)

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This whole article discusses the best VPS hosting providers. The discussion includes the table of the best VPS hosting providers, trust score, listings, reviews, pros, cons, etc. You can read another article I wrote about the best email service providers on our site Commercial Metropole.

11 VPS Hosting Providers 2021 – Price, Shortlist, Trust score, Recommendation

SerialProvidersPricingTrust scoreTip
1InMotion Hosting$5/mo8.9 / 99.0 / 10
2Liquid Web$35/mo8.8 / 97.9 / 10
3HostGator$19.95/mo8.9 / 98.0 / 10
4Bluehost$19.99/mo8.9 / 97.9 / 10
5Hostinger$3.95/mo7.8 / 98.0 / 10
6A2 Hosting$5/mo8.6 / 98.3 / 10
7DreamHost$10/mo8.3 / 99.1 / 10
8Hostwinds$4.49/mo8.1 / 98.9 / 10
9Kamatera$4/mo7.6 / 98.5 / 10
10iPage$19.99/mo7.8 / 97.8 / 10
11Scala Hosting$9.95/mo8.9 / 97.5 / 10

Another 13 best VPS hosting providers that are slowly gaining popularity

  1. GreenGeeks $39.95/mo
  2. HostPapa $19.99/mo
  3. Media Temple $30/mo
  4. GoDaddy $9.99/mo
  5. AccuWeb Hosting $5/mo
  6. IONOS by 1&1 $2/mo
  7. InterServer $6/mo
  8. SiteGround $80/mo
  9. Heficed $5.60/mo
  10. Hostens $1.80/mo
  11. FastComet $35.97/mo
  12. ChemiCloud $59.96/mo
  13. TMDHosting $19.97/mo

Is VPS Server More Expensive Than Shared Hosting? Answer: NO

We think we pay more to get more RAM and more storage but that’s a misconception. The cost of storage is much lower, some of the money we pay per month is used to get good performing VPServer and the rest is used to get immediate support from the hosting provider. We pay the hosting provider monthly to get help if needed and to resolve issues.

Absolutely VPServer is better than shared hosting because in the case of shared hosting one server is used by many people but in the case of VPServer, a separate virtual private server is managed for each customer.

In other words, VPServer isn’t expensive, the support of experts is expensive.

Difference between managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, and Semi-Managed VPS?

#1 Managed VPS – With Guidance

Managed VPS means paying a certain amount of rent per month to the service provider from which you’re renting a virtual private server so that they can monitor the server 24/7 through skilled people. Your service provider will take care of all server issues or database management starting from server setup so that you don’t have to spend extra time or manpower to maintain the server and this is managed VPS. You just host your service on the server and make customers happy.

The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server and you’re buying a VPS server which means you’re renting someone else’s server virtually. VPS’s rent is usually calculated on an hourly basis, you’ve to pay the monthly rent by adding the amount of bill per hour, but you can rent for one year, 2 years or 3 years if you want.

A server has to be kept running 24/7 to provide regular service. One always has to take care of the server to make sure that the server’s processor, speed, storage, overall performance is working properly. Different technical issues may arise at different times or to set up the server or install the necessary software on the server may require skilled people.

#2 Unmanaged VPS – Without Guidance

Skilled technicians are needed to take care of the virtual private server and solve technical issues. In the case of managed VPS, you pay extra to your service provider to take care of your VPS. But in the case of an Unmanaged Virtual Private Server, you don’t pay extra cost to the service provider, because the Unmanaged VPS has a condition that your VPS will be maintained by you or a skilled person on your own initiative.

If you have no experience in server maintenance or are not proficient, the first precaution when buying an unmanaged VPS is not to buy it. Monitoring server setup, software installation, and performance checkups are important because unmanaged VPS shouldn’t be hired unless there’s efficient server maintenance.

#3 What is Semi-Managed VPS?

Semi-managed is very simple, in the case of managed VPS, the service provider takes care of everything from the setup of the virtual private server, in the case of unmanaged VPS, the service providers don’t help, you need to have your own skilled team. To do. In the case of Semi-Managed VPS, you have to solve some basic problems on your own, i.e. in the Knowledge section of the service provider there’s a lot of info about VPserver, some basic problems are solved, you have to solve some problems yourself by looking at those info and other problems. You can contact Customer Care to resolve issues that aren’t covered in the Knowledge section, which will be fixed by the service provider.

11 VPS hosting providers – Full audit, Review, Special offers, Pros & Cons

#1 InMotion Hosting VPServer – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

Inmotion Hosting Provides Fully Managed VPS Hosting, Unmanaged VPS, and Cloud VPS Hosting. At present, Inmotion Hosting is serving a large number of customers in the hosting world. Inmotion is gaining more customers than other hosting service providers due to the wide range of facilities, offers, and discounts. Managed VPS hosting starts at just $29.99/mo and they come with three packages. Unmanaged VPS hosting starts from just $5/mo and you can start with any of the 8 plans according to your audience with the fastest business VPS hosting service provider. 

In the first plan of Managed Hosting you’ll get 4GB RAM and 75 GB SSD, in the second plan you’ll get 8GB RAM and 150 GB SSD, in the 3rd plan you’ll get 8GB RAM and 260 GB SSD VPS hosting. 

Like all hosting service providers, Inmotion Hosting has some disadvantages, the main one being that if you rent VPServe for 2 years, it’ll cost $29.99/mo, but if you rent a server for one year, the cost will increase to $38.99/mo and if you rent for only 1 month, it’ll cost $51.99/mo.. 

The biggest advantage of Inmotion Hosting is that it comes with good customer service, and you’ll get timely response and 24/7 expert help. 

If you rent VPServer for 2 years, you have to pay $29.99/mo for the first 2 years and renew at $44.99/mo after 2 years. Speaking of hassle-free VPS hosting providers, the name of Inmotion Hosting Service Provider can be found first and foremost.

InMotion VPS hosting provider price

#1 Managed VPS

VPS-1000HA-S ($29.99/mo)

VPS-2000HA-S ($49.99/mo)

VPS-3000HA-S ($83.99/mo)

#2 Unmanaged VPS

cVPS-1 ($5/mo)

cVPS-2 ($10/mo)

cVPS-3 ($15/mo)

cVPS-4 ($20/mo)

cVPS-6 ($30/mo)

cVPS-8 ($50/mo)

cVPS-16 ($80/mo)

cVPS-32 ($160/mo)


  • DDoS protection & 3 Dedicated IPs
  • Free SSL certificate
  • cPanel & WHM included with Managed VPS
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fully Managed VPS hosting service
  • Root Access
  • Up to 35% OFF Packages
  • Free Email Service included
  • Fast Response Service


  • Pay extra $24/year for Daily Backups
  • Cost more for one month package
  • No Free Domain
  • Unmanaged VPS has no control panel

#2 Liquid Web VPS Hosting – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

Liquidweb hosting provider offers separate VPS hosting packages for Linux and Windows. You can start your business by choosing any one plan of your choice with the International Fastest VPS Hosting Provider.

In the case of Linux, 4GB of RAM 100GB SSD is only $60/mo, in the case of Windows, 4GB RAM & 100GB SSD is only $80/mo. They also have packages ranging from 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD to 16GB RAM 200GB SSD.

Liquidweb has the same disadvantage as Inmotion Hosting, the $35/mo plan if you rent for 6 months it’ll increase to $45/mo and if you rent for only 1 month it’ll increase further to $59/mo.

However, Liquidweb responds faster than other VPS hosting providers and provides better technical support for managed hosting.

Liquid Web VPS hosting provider price

#1 Linux VPS

2GB VPS ($35/mo)

4GB VPS ($60/mo)

8GB VPS ($85/mo)

16GB VPS ($115/mo)

FAST VPS ($45/mo)

FASTER VPS ($65/mo)

FASTEST VPS ($85/mo)

#2 Windows VPS

4GB VPS ($80/mo)

8GB VPS ($100/mo)

16GB VPS ($135/mo)

FASTER VPS ($90/mo)

FASTEST VPS ($110/mo)

#3 Parent VPS

Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 ($139/mo)

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 ($159/mo)

Intel Dual Xeon E5-2620 v4 ($229/mo)

Intel Xeon Processors Up To 28 Cores ($139$399/mo)


  • Cloudflare CDN, Standard DDoS protection & 1 Dedicated IP
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Interworx, Plesk & cPanel included service
  • Fully Managed VPS hosting service
  • Root Access
  • 100GB Daily Backups Free
  • Special contact offer 40% OFF
  • Free Email Service included
  • 24/7 Fast Response Service


  • Cost more for one month package but refundable
  • 6 months & 1 year VPS plan non-refundable
  • No Free Domain
  • Premium email service cost extra

#3 HostGator VPS Hosting Provider – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

Speaking of hassle-free VPS hosting providers, it’s worth mentioning Hostgator. 2GB RAM and 120GB storage starting at $19.95/mo at Hostgator. You can choose the operating system, and Hostgator provides Linux and Windows 2 types of VPServer.

4GB RAM 165GB disk space for only $29.95/mo, 8GB RAM 240GB storage for only $39.95/mo, you’ll be free from tension due to fully managed VPS hosting, Hostgator’s experts will look after your VPServer 24/7.

If you have any questions you can call directly, contact live chat, or even request a callback so the service provider will call you to help.

You can take various tools with the VPS hosting package and there’s the weekly automated backup. Many people call Hostgator’s VPS hosting Pro Hosting. You can decide to use their service only if you like using VPServe as there’s a money-back guarantee, because, you’ll get your money back, usually, the rest of the money will be refunded keeping you charged for as long as you use the service.

HostGator VPS hosting provider price

#1 Linux Managed VPS

Snappy 2000 ($19.95/mo)

Snappy 4000 ($29.95/mo)

Snappy 8000 ($39.95/mo)


  • Free DDoS protection & 2 Dedicated IPs
  • Free SSL certificate, WHM is Free
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fully Managed VPS hosting service with cPanel
  • Root Access
  • Weekly & Manual Backups
  • Up to 75% OFF Packages
  • Premium support
  • Free Unlimited Email Service
  • 5 Min Response Service 24/7/365


  • Extra Cost cPanel $10/month
  • Cost more for a one month package
  • No Free Domain

#4 Bluehost VPServer – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

In BlueHost’s standard package you get 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD, and a dedicated IP address. This is a perfect plan for small businesses starting from just $19.99/mo. However, if you want to renew this plan, you have to pay a $29.99/mo bill.

Bluehost’s VPS hosting has 2 more packages with 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD, and 8GB RAM 120GB SSD. With these two packages, you can get 2 dedicated IP addresses. The renewal price of these two packages is slightly higher than the first package.

With 24/7 support, Bluehost VPS hosting provider is offering a free domain name for one year. Bluehost provides Sitelock Protection, which gives you guaranteed protection against malware and virtual attacks. Bluehost is one of my favorite service providers and I recommend Bluehost’s VPS hosting.

Bluehost VPS hosting provider price

#1 Windows Semi-Managed VPS

Standard ($19.99/mo)

Enhanced ($29.99/mo)

Ultimate ($59.99/mo)


  • Free DDoS protection & 2 Dedicated IPs
  • 1st Year Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fully Managed VPS hosting service & Free cPanel
  • Root Access
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Backups
  • Up to 50% OFF Packages
  • Free Unlimited Email Service
  • 5 Min Response Service


  • Cost more for a one month package

#5 Hostinger VPS Hosting – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

Hostinger VPS hosting has been dubbed Built for Speed, meaning that the speed of VPS hosting can be seen in full on the Hostinger VPS server.

Hostinger’s VPS hosting plan is starting from the lowest rate of only $3.95/mo. This plan is good for a small audience, but there’s no problem with a large audience, it has a better and more powerful VPServer

$3.95/mo’s VPS hosting plan you get 1 GB RAM 20 GB SSD server. $6.95/mo rate plan you get 2 GB RAM 40 GB SSD VPServer. You get 3GB RAM and 60GB SSD for only $12.95/mo, 4GB RAM, and 80GB SSD server for only $15.95/mo. At $23.95/mo you get 6GB RAM 120GB SSD VPServer which is really awesome. And you get an 8GB RAM 160GB SSD server for only $38.99/mo which is suitable for big business. 

Even after Hostinger VPS Hosting Provider provides semi-managed VPS hosting, you’ll still have full root access to your rented server. No worries, you’ll get complete guidelines for any kind of problem in the VPS server, you’ll be able to solve almost all the problems yourself from Knowledgebase and also you can get the help of an Expert Technician by contacting customer service.

Hostinger VPS hosting provider price

#1 Semi-Managed Linux VPS

1 vCPU ($3.95/mo)

2 vCPU ($8.95/mo)

3 vCPU ($12.95/mo)

4 vCPU ($15.95/mo)

6 vCPU ($23.95/mo)

8 vCPU ($29.95/mo)

#2 Semi-Managed Windows VPS

Windows VPS 1 ($26/mo)

Windows VPS 2 ($62/mo)

Windows VPS 3 ($120/mo)

Windows VPS 4 ($250/mo)


  • Free Dedicated IP and WHM
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Root Access
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Backups
  • Up to 77% OFF Packages


  • Cost more for a one month package
  • No Free Domain
  • No live chat without Login
  • No Free Email Service
  • No Managed VPS Hosting
  • cPanel only trial version

#6 A2 Hosting VPS Hosting Provider – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

A collection of managed and unmanaged VPS hosting is called A2Hosting. Unmanaged VPS is usually hired with the concern of running the server at will. One person’s needs may vary, so Unmanaged VPS caters to those needs.

Managed VPS is a server that can be easily controlled for those who don’t want to do any trouble themselves. Unmanaged VPS is controlled by command. Managed VPS has a control panel setup that anyone can easily control.

A2Hosting has cPanel in managed VPS but unmanaged VPS doesn’t have cPanel built-in. It’s possible to add cPanel to Unmanaged VPS by paying extra.

Unmanaged VPS has root access or administrative level access which is not usually found in managed VPS. However, it’s possible to take root access to managed VPS servers through A2hosting. 

A2Hosting’s Managed VPServer starts at just $34.99/mo but will cost $45.99/mo to renew. And Unmanaged VPS starts at only $4.99/mo but you have to pay the bill to renew it at $5.99/mo.

Unmanaged VPS hosting on A2Hosting comes in a variety of packages ranging from 1GB RAM and 150GB SSD to 32GB RAM and 450GB NVMe. Unmanaged VPServer Core 8, 32GB RAM, 450GB NVMe Server only $69.99/mo, and renewal price $92.99/mo.

A2Hosting VPS hosting provider has different packages of managed VPS hosting. Core 2, 4GB RAM, 150GB SSD starting at only. $34.99/mo and renewal $45.99/mo. There are also turbo servers with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB RAM in managed VPS hosting.

Managed VPS plan 32GB RAM, 450GB NVMe, Core 8 Monthly $119.99 only, and Renewal $156.99/mo.

To find out more you can join Support Chat at A2 Hosting. If you want to get a lot of options in the case of a VPS server A2 hosting is the best.

A2 Hosting VPS hosting provider price

#1 Managed VPS

POWER+ ($25/mo)

PRESTIGE+ ($35/mo)

PINNACLE+ ($50/mo)

#2 Unmanaged VPS

ENTRY ($5/mo)

MID ($20/mo)

ELITE ($15/mo)

#3 Core VPS

POWER+ ($25/mo)

PRESTIGE+ ($35/mo)

PINNACLE+ ($50/mo)

#4 Managed Turbo VPS

Mach 8 ($69.99/mo)

Mach 16 ($89.99/mo)

Mach 32 ($119.99/mo)

#5 Unmanaged Turbo VPS

Supersonic 8 ($29.99/mo)

Supersonic 16 ($49.99/mo)

Supersonic 32 ($69.99/mo)


  • DDoS protection, 2 Dedicated IP & WHM
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee Available 
  • The core package includes free cPanel & root access
  • Up to 50GB & daily backups
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Up to 61% OFF Packages
  • Fast Response live support


  • Cost more for a one month package
  • No Free Domain
  • No Root access with managed VPS hosting 
  • No Free cPanel with unmanaged VPS hosting

#7 DreamHost VPServer – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

Dreamhost is one of my favorite VPS hosting providers. Here I’m getting good enough service within my budget. My business isn’t too big or small, I use Dreamhost to serve a medium-range audience and both me and my customers are happy.

Dreamhost’s security system is good because they update the program in a timely manner. Moreover, they’ve extra facilities such as cloud servers, 3-year packages, monthly service, unlimited traffic, and unlimited websites.

Dreamhost’s VPServer already has the required scripts or programs set up. Dreamhost offers a 100% uptime guarantee, a VPS control panel, and an unlimited 24/7 support system.

Dreamhost has 4 VPS hosting plans. From small business to resource-intensive, Dreamhost provides services for all types of businesses.

1GB RAM, 30GB SSD is starting at only $10.00/mo but it’ll be available at this price if you rent it for 3 years, if you want to rent for 1 year then you have to pay $13.75/mo and If you rent for 1 month, you have to pay $15.00/mo.

Dreamhost also offers 2GB, 4GB, 8GB RAM plans. For more details, visit Dreamhost’s VPS Hosting Purchase page.

DreamHost VPS hosting provider price

#1 Managed Linux VPS

VPS Basic ($10/mo)

VPS Business ($20/mo)

VPS Professional ($40/mo)

VPS Enterprise ($80/mo)

#2 Unmanaged Linux Cloud VPS

512MB Server ($4.50/mo)

2GB Server ($12/mo)

8GB Server ($48/mo)


  • Free SSL certificate
  • Dreamhost control panel
  • Backups are included
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fully Managed VPS hosting service
  • VPS server at low cost
  • Unlimited Free Email Service included
  • 5 min Response time


  • DDoS protection & Dedicated IP’s excluded
  • No cPanel & WHM included
  • Cost more for a one month package
  • No Free Domain
  • No Root access
  • One month plan not refundable

#8 Hostwinds VPS Hosting – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

Managed and Unmanaged VPS have separate plans at Hostwinds VPS Hosting Provider. In the case of Managed VPServer, the first plan 1GB RAM 20GB SSD only $5.17/mo, the second plan 2GB RAM 50GB SSD only $10.34/mo. Third Plan 4GB RAM 75GB SSD only $18.80/mo and Fourth Plan 6GB RAM 100GB SSD only $23.97/mo. In other words, it’s possible to control more or less all types of audiences through Hostwinds VPS hosting.

In my opinion, Hostwinds’s Unmanaged VPS Hosting has more packages than managed VPS Hosting, which means they focus more on Unmanaged VPS Hosting. So if you’re looking for a good unmanaged VPS hosting provider then Hostwinds is the perfect suggestion for you. 

In the case of Unmanaged VPServer, Hostwinds offers huge plans like 16 CPU, 96GB RAM, 750GB storage which is really commendable.

Hostwinds VPS hosting provider price

#1 Managed Linux VPS

1GB VPS ($5.17/mo)

2GB VPS ($10.34/mo)

4GB VPS ($18.80/mo)

6GB VPS ($23.97/mo)

#2 Unmanaged Linux VPS

1 CPU ($4.49/mo)

2 CPU ($17.09/mo)

4 CPU ($35.09/mo)

6 CPU ($69.29/mo)

8 CPU ($112.49/mo)

12 CPU ($193.49/mo)

16 CPU ($296.09/mo)


  • 1 Dedicated IP address
  • Third-party free control panel available 
  • Third-party free email service included
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Managed VPS & Unmanaged VPS available
  • Up to 53% off packages
  • 5 Min Fast Response time
  • Linux VPS provides root access


  • DDoS protection $25/mo
  • No professional email service included
  • $15/mo cPanel & WHM
  • $1.03/mo Daily Backup
  • No free SSL available
  • Cost more for a one month package
  • No free Domain

#9 Kamatera VPS Hosting Provider – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

Kamatera is providing Cloud VPS Hosting Service maintaining an old style. It’s offering to choose more than 10 processor capacity and fully customizable VPS hosting plans. You’ll pay the bill depending on why you want to take VPServer. 

With Kamatera VPS hosting provider, you can customize the data center, operating system, RAM, good storage, data transfer, dedicated IP address, system add-ons also you can select whether you want VPServe managed or unmanaged.

Kamatera helps low-cost VPS hosting services for small businesses, but the cost of VPS hosting for large businesses can be relatively high. 

You can call the number provided on their website directly for details or to get 24/7 support.

Kamatera VPS hosting provider price

#1 Managed Linux VPS

From $54/mo to $810/mo.

#2 Unmanaged Linux VPS

From $4/mo to $760/mo.


  • DDoS protection available
  • Customizable VPS hosting plans
  • 30 Days free trial
  • Simple backup available
  • Straightforward Price


  • No live chat support
  • Outgoing Network Traffic $0.01/GB
  • Extended daily backup $3/month
  • No special discount available
  • No SSL certification
  • cPanel cost extra $20/month
  • No free Domain included
  • No free Email service

#10 iPage VPServer – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

iPage is the second VPS hosting provider that offers free domain names. iPage VPS Hosting has 3 plans, the monthly price of 3 plans is $19.99, $47.99, $79.99 respectively but when renewing the plans you have to pay the bill of $24.99, $59.49, $99.99. iPage’s servers already have the required scripts installed so you don’t have to do any extra work. 

All packages are accompanied by cPanel and up to 2 dedicated IP addresses. $19.99/mo’s plan you get 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 40GB SSD space. 

Second Plan 2 core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 90 GB SSD disk space starting from just $47.99/mo. Third plan 4 core CPU, 8GB RAM, 120 GB SSD storage only $79.99/mo. Any type of business from small to large can be managed using iPage’s VPS hosting. iPage’s resources are semi-managed.

iPage VPS hosting provider price

#1 Managed Linux VPS

Basic ($19.99/mo)

Business ($47.99/mo)

Optimum ($79.99/mo)


  • Free email service available
  • cPanel and WHM Free
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • Daily backup using iPage tool
  • Managed VPS with free SSL
  • DDoS protection & Dedicate IP included
  • 1-year Free domain name
  • Up to 30% OFF plans
  • The monthly plan doesn’t increase the cost
  • Instant live chat support
  • Fully Managed VPS Hosting with Root access


  • Unmanaged VPS hosting not available

#11 Scala Hosting VPS Hosting – Offers, Comparison, Discounts, Review

100% worry-free VPS hosting provider is called Scalahosting. The most effective VPS hosting provider I’ve seen is Scalahosting. At present, Scalahosting alone is offering the same benefits as 10 other VPS hosting providers.

Customizable VPS hosting plan, 24/7/365 managed service, extra security, low cost & low renewal cost, free website migration, Trustpilot great reputation, as far as I know, they’ve been able to retain 100% customer satisfaction so far.

Scala Hosting has added a new type of control panel called Spanel, which is more user-friendly than the cPanel in terms of functionality. Scala hosting Provides VPS that you own. 

In general, Scalahosting offers 4 VPServer plans of which 2 GB RAM, 20GB SSD only $9.95/mo, and renewal $13.95/mo.

4GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage only $21.95/mo and renewal $25.95/mo. 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM have two more VPS hosting plans that use 4 CPU cores and 6 CPU cores. You can visit their site for details.

Apart from these 4 specific hosting plans, you can also rent a custom plan by increasing or decreasing the CPU on Scala Hosting.

Scala Hosting VPS hosting provider price

#1 Managed Linux VPS

Start ($9.95/mo)

Advanced ($21.95/mo)

Business ($41.95/mo)

Enterprise ($63.95/mo)

#2 Unmanaged Linux VPS

From $10/mo to $102/mo.

#3 Unmanaged Windows VPS

From $30/mo to $122/mo.


  • DDoS protection
  • Free SPanel
  • 30-Day money back guarantee
  • Customizable VPS hosting
  • Daily backups available
  • Fully managed and Unmanaged VPS hosting available 
  • Dedicated IP address available for Free
  • Up to 29% OFF packages
  • Free SSL included
  • Free email service included
  • Instant live chat support
  • More than 3 months of managed VPS include a free domain
  • Unmanaged VPS has root access


  • Need extra cash for cPanel
  • Managed VPS has no root access
  • WHM only available with cPanel

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