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User Contract

Last updated: 04 October 2020.

This user agreement clearly states what you need to agree on and what you need to know if you want to use our website. You must comply with our Terms and Conditions in order to be associated with our website.


Our website Commercial Metropole is powered by WordPress CMS and it is a business-related blog site. We have more than one member for website management.

Before using our website, you must read the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and all-important linked pages.

This site is under our 24/6 supervision and uses a variety of security services to protect the site and visitors.

The terms and conditions we provide are not intended to interfere with your normal operations. Our conditions are just like preventing those who have malicious intentions.


Since we do not have any paid products or services on our site, we do not pay any taxes. We always try to help people for free and that is why we provide and promote various free tools and services as an alternative to paid tools and services.
Even though we do not provide paid services, we pay our site’s host bill and domain bill at the right time.


If you publish any content or service publicly on our site or subscribe to a contest where anyone can participate, we can promote your service or content or product. And before you join us or join the partner program, you have to comply with this condition.

In addition to your promotion, we may run other ads on our site or promote other businesses.


I have written or created the content on our site myself or hired a professional writer. So there is nothing copyrighted here and if you want to give us content you must give it copyright-free. Don’t share anything that creates violence, adult content, illegal content, harmful, etc. Know more about our content policy.

Feedback, Popularity, and Reviews

Your comments, reviews, testimonials made on our site can be used to increase our reputation if necessary. Or if you do a great job with us, we can make a public presentation to compliment you.

You can’t say bad things about us, argue, anything indecent. If you have any problem you can resolve it with us applying for law and order.

Identify your customer

You authorize us or introduce yourself through us or through third parties. As a service provider, it is important to know and understand the customer. Our aim is to deliver the right information to the right customer. So we can ask for your personal information in various ways which are not sensitive but effective. And if you want to get our service, you have to keep this condition in mind.


There are many types of rewards available on our site. You can earn regular rewards by participating in various competitions or Giveaways.

Also if you are one of our workers or have worked with us, you can get your modest amount weekly or monthly and it will be paid on a certain date.


We can use different cryptocurrencies, United States dollars, Euros, etc for transactions. However, we will try to use currencies that are approved worldwide.


There may be a variety of competitive activities on our website. The competition may have different quizzes, small tasks. A maximum of 10 contestants may be awarded. The competition can be held from time to time and people from all over the world can participate in this competition.

Enforcement of this document

There may be some exceptional cases where the conditions mentioned in our document may have to be compromised. In those cases, we are ready to compromise but that is not usually the case. Except in exceptional cases, these Terms and Conditions will apply to everyone as usual, and you must comply with and then use our site.

Over time, the above conditions may prove to be wrong or false. Whenever we see such a condition, we will immediately remove or modify it.


We have already mentioned about your personal information, property, user guide on the Privacy Policy page. Users need to maintain privacy and policy before using our website. If you do not comply with our policy, please refrain from using our website. Also if you are not acknowledged about our site or have any doubts you can clear your doubts by looking at the policy page.


If you knowingly or unknowingly cause any damage to our site or our property, you will be liable to pay or indemnify. We can take legal action if you refuse to pay for us.


The legal notice will be sent via the email you provided and you have to respond within 24 hours after which action will be taken. However, if for some reason you do not see the mail or the email you provided is invalid, then we will wait 72 hours and then take action.

Title and Interpretation

The headings have been used for references. Don’t get us wrong by only looking at the headings. Read the explanation.


Commercial Metropole which is located at Madhabadi, Narsingdi, Bangladesh.
This conception means that you agree to the agreement between you and our website and you understand all our terms and policies before using our website.

Abusing Commercial Metropole

Commercial Metropole takes care of all user rights and does not infringe user rights in any way. Due to which the account of many rogue users may be banned, suspended, removed.
Commercial Metropole may not be used in any way to the detriment or harm of anyone. It is our responsibility to protect the user and it is your responsibility to protect yourself.


If you have any questions about us or have any queries regarding this User Agreement, feel free to contact us and give us your normal feedback. Email: mridha@commercialmetropole.com