How much Google, Amazon, Alibaba .com Domain Worth?

Why is a domain valuable and not valuable?

points why domain is valuable and not valuable
Primal instincts to value domains.


Low Interest: Similar domain name but different popular extensions, including .net and .org, appear on the domain search engine.

Low Searches: If your domain name related keywords are not commonly searched in search engines, then your domain value decreases.

Legal Problems: If you’re overly concerned about your domain or if someone’s trying to damage your domain, you can file a UDRP or WIPO legal action case against your domain. And if your domain is damaged during the trial, every effort will be made to return your assets. However, you will have to pay a certain amount of case fees to run this type of case.

Trademark Risk: If your domain name is unique and specifies a trademarked term, then no one will be able to register a domain that matches your domain name and keyword, but that will decrease the domain value.

Extensions Available: Suppose you have a domain named true.com, but other popular extensions still available for the exact name such as true.net and true.org. In this case, the buyer will exercise to buy available domains without buying your domain.


Great Extension: You’ll get the highest number of buyer attraction for the domain extension with .com, so it’s the highest valued domain. The more buyers you attract, the more valuable your domain will be.

Very Short: The short name domain is more valuable because it is more memorable. And if your domain name made up of a word that has full meaning and is known worldwide, then you can expect good value for that domain.

Highly Searched: It’s not very difficult to find out how many times your domain searched in search engines. Your domain value can also be determined by looking at how many times your domain is searched on search engines each month.

Conclusion: Expensive, high-value domains become challenging to sell due to the Buyer’s scarcity.

How to Calculate the Value of a Domain?

There are so many measurable things of a domain that helps to calculate the value of the domain. Such as

  • You can determine the value of your domain by looking at the price at which similar domains sold.
  • Whether your domain is a domain with a popular extension, such as .com .net .org, etc.
  • Users demand your domain according to search results from search engines.
  • Whether there is a legal case against your domain.
  • Whether your domain is trademarked.
  • Whether popular extensions can still be bought cheaply.
  • Whether popular extensions with the same name are visible. 
  • Whether your domain is small, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, meaningful.

In addition to the above points, the value of a domain can easily be calculated through some third-party tools. If you search for “Domain Appraisal” or “Domain Value Checker” in search engines, you’ll find many free and paid tools through which you can easily find out the value or price of a domain.

However, they may not be able to display a 100% accurate price for your domain or don’t think that what they show you is the exact price. You can only guess by looking at the results they provide. How much you sell depends on you and the buyer.

You can use these tools to know about domain appraisal and domain value: GoDaddy, EstiBot.

Feel free to use this tool to get details about any domain or company: Craft.

#1 Google.com

Formerly: Google Inc. (1998–2020)

Google search logo
Google search logo

Google’s Domain Price:

  1. $149,702,497.44  “freevaluator.com
  2. $31,207,914,312  “webvaluecheck.com
  3. $102,650,332,250  “worthofweb.com
  4. (Value reduced due to trademark risk)  “estibot.com
  5. $174,724.00  “pc.domains

Revenue of Google: 160.74 billion USD (2019)

Net income: 14,444,000,000 USD (2014)

Stock price:  1,413.24 USD (May 2020)

Mkt cap:  963.37B

Trade name: GOOG and GOOGL

CEO: Sundar Pichai (October 2, 2015–)

Number of employees: 118,899 (2019)

Founded: September 4, 1998, Menlo Park, California, United States

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States

Founders: Larry Page, Sergey Brin

Competitors: Twitter, IBM, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple

Google Employee Rating: 4.4 | 8609 votes

Why Google? Why not Poogle? – Hidden Truth

Google’s very first introduction

Google began in January 1998 as a research project with Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At the same time, the Chinese search engine Baidu started its journey holding Robin Li’s hand. Scott Hassan joined as the third founder in the middle of the project, and Scott Hassan wrote most of the original code for the Google search engine.

However, Hasan left before the official launch of Google. Scott Hasan’s main attraction was robotics. The unique algorithm that Google first used was called PageRank to display results.

Page and Brin essentially sobriquet the new search engine BackRub. Later, when Google was launched in 1998, Rajeev Motwani and Terry Winograd joined it. PageRank was influenced by a similar page ranking search engine RankDex(Currently Baidu). 

Changing the name PageRank to Google was a mistake

Eventually, they changed the name PageRank to Google. However, changing the name to Google was a mistake. They misspelt the googol name and made Google. A googol is the large number of 1e+100. In decimal national, the number 1 followed by 100 zeros are published through googol.

Google’s match with Googol

The project was named googol because the search engine can verify a website’s pages in a short time and show up to 100 results.

Domain registration and linking

The domain was registered for Google Project on September 15, 1997, And after the project was completed, on September 4, 1998, it was linked to the domain named Google.

Google’s first employee and the first store

Google’s first shop was set up in the garage of a friend named Susan Wojcicki, and she was hired as Google’s first employee. Susan Wojcicki is currently the CEO of YouTube.

The first investor in Google

The first funding in Google Company was $100,000 from Andy Bechtolsheim. This payment was made before Google officially launches. In 1998, Google received responses from some more investors. They are Angel Investors, Amazon.com, Stanford University computer science professor David Cheriton, and entrepreneur Ram Shriram.

Google raises nearly 1 million dollars with investors, friends, and family. This time they got the opportunity to open their first original shop, which was in Menlo Park, California. Google announced $25 million in funding before the end of 1998 to early 1999 in support of more small and large investors. Significant investors were Venture capital, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital.

All that happened after that was the growth of Google.

From the beginning till now

Google’s primary homepage was elementary because company owners had little experience in coding. HTML or HyperText Markup Language used to design the web.

Real History of Google: (1998-2020)

Alexa Rank: 1

Search Results: 1 million

Flags: Trademark, UDRP

Domain:  google.com


Creation Date: September 15, 1997

Updated Date: September 09, 2019

Registry Expiry Date: September 14, 2028

Registrant Organization: Google LLC

Domain Registrar of Google: MarkMonitor, Inc.

Registrar IANA ID: 292  

Registrar IANA Lookup: https://www.iana.org/assignments/registrar-ids/registrar-ids.xhtml

Registrar URL: http://www.markmonitor.com

Registrar WHOIS Lookup:  https://domains.markmonitor.com/whois/google.com

Google.com was registered on September 15, 1997, and is associated with Google LLC, Domain Administrator, dns-admin@google.com. It’s recorded at MarkMonitor.

Key People of Google / Management at Google: Sundar Pichai, Ruth Porat

Google’s Future Plans:

  1. Google is thinking about e-Commerce space
  2. Google is focusing on hardware products
  3. Expect Google will change the advertising trend
  4. Google search results will be completely changed
  5. Google will become more of a service provider than a search engine

Conclusion: Google will change the tone before saying it.

#2 Amazon.com

Formerly: Cadabra, Inc. (1994–95)

Amazon custom logo
Amazon custom logo

Amazon’s Domain Price:

  1. $82,195,231.95  “freevaluator.com
  2. $15,719,903,995  “webvaluecheck.com
  3. $4,780,000,000  “worthofweb.com
  4. $2,334,000  “estibot.com
  5. $41,326.00  “pc.domains

Revenue of Amazon: 280.5 billion USD (2019)

Net income: $11.588 billion USD (2019)

Stock price:  2,436.88 USD (May 2020)

Mkt cap:  1.22T

Trade name: Amazon

CEO: Jeff Bezos (May 1996–)

Number of employees: 840,000 (2020)

Founded: July 5, 1994, Bellevue, Washington, United States

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Founder: Jeff Bezos

Competitors: Kroger, Target, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, Alibaba

Amazon Employee Rating: 4.2 | 4318 votes

Why Amazon? Why not Pmazon? – Hidden Truth

Today’s Amazon is the result of Jeff Bezos’s stubbornness at that time.

The beginning of the Amazon

At that time, Jeff Bezos didn’t want to be guilty in 1994 for not participating in the Internet business. That’s why he resigned as D.E. Shaw & Co.’s vice president and moved to Seattle, Washington, from where Amazon’s journey began.

Amazon name selection

On July 5, 1994, Bezos initially started the company named Cadabra, Inc. A few months later, Bezos decided to change the name when a lawyer mispronounced the company’s name as Cadaver. At the time, the company was operating from the garage of Bezos’ home at Northeast 28th Street Bellevue, Washington.

Purchasing a domain for Amazon

In September 1994, Bezos bought a domain name called relentless.com and almost decided that the company’s new name would be Relentless. But his friends told him the name sounded a bit sinister. That domain is now registered with Bezos and is still redirecting to the Amazon Retail Store.

Behind the scenes named Amazon

Bezos chose the name Amazon by looking it up in a dictionary. The reason for taking the name Amazon is that it’s an ‘exotic and different’ name, and the Amazon River is one of the largest rivers, so Bezos thought his company would one day be so big that it’ll spread everywhere.

Bezos thinks brand names are more important in virtual reality than they are in the physical store.

Real History of Amazon(1994-2020)

Alexa Rank: 10

Search Results: 1 million

Flags: Trademark

Domain:  amazon.com


Creation Date: November 01, 1994

Updated Date: May 07, 2019

Registry Expiry Date: December 31, 2024

Domain Registrar of Amazon: MarkMonitor, Inc.

Registrar IANA ID: 292  

Registrar IANA Lookup: https://www.iana.org/assignments/registrar-ids/registrar-ids.xhtml

Registrar URL: http://www.markmonitor.com

Registrar WHOIS Lookup:  https://domains.markmonitor.com/whois/google.com

Key People of Amazon / Management at Amazon: Jeff Bezos, Werner Vogels

Amazon’s Future Plans:

  1. Expect eCommerce satellite from Amazon
  2. Amazon focusing on more physical shops
  3. Expect Amazon to evaluate restaurants
  4. Amazon is collecting various types of home artwork
  5. Amazon working on ‘cashier-free stores’
  6. Started working on customer service delivery drone – Prime Air
  7. Amazon focusing on more hygiene food
  8. Amazon working on AI intelligence home robots
  9. Launching a new generation ‘Ubiquitous voice assistance.’
  10. Focusing on medicine ‘Innovative healthcare.’

#2 Alibaba.com

Alibaba custom logo
Alibaba custom logo

Alibaba’s Domain Price:

  1. $114,492.54  “freevaluator.com
  2. $404,102,515  “webvaluecheck.com
  3. $973,000,000  “worthofweb.com
  4. $441,000  “estibot.com
  5. $11,852.00  “pc.domains

Revenue of Alibaba: 56.152 billion USD (2019)

Net income: $19.821 billion USD (2020) (CN¥140.350 billion)

Stock price:  199.70 USD (May 2020)

Mkt cap:   535.74B

Trade name: NYSE: BABA, SEHK: 9988

CEO: Daniel Zhang (2015–)

Number of employees: 101,958 (2019)

Founded: April 4, 1999, Hangzhou, China

Headquarters: Hangzhou, China

Founders: Jack Ma, Joseph C. Tsai, Jianhang Jin, Peng Lei, Trudy Dai, Simon Xie, Jin Yuanying, Jane Jiang, Ma Changwei, Eddie Wu, Zhou Yuehong, Shi Yufeng, James Sheng, Lou Wensheng, Han Min, Tony Yiu, Sun Tongyu.

Competitors: ASOS, eBay, JD.com, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon

Alibaba Employee Rating: 3.4 | 70 votes

Why Alibaba? Why not Plibaba? – Hidden Truth

The name of Alibaba company taken from the character Ali Baba of Middle Eastern folk tale collection ‘One Thousand and One Night’. 

Name establishment

According to Jack Ma, the company’s founder, one day he was sitting in a coffee shop and thinking about the name Alibaba. And then a waitress came, so Ma asked the waitress if he knew about Ali Baba. The waitress replied that he knew, he had read the story. Jack Ma then went out and asked the same question to 30 people from India, Germany, and Tokyo and China. Everyone’s answer, like the waitress, was almost the same that they knew about Ali Baba. Jack Ma then decided that the company should be named Alibaba because the name is known to people worldwide, easy to pronounce and spell.

Moreover, Ali Baba was a kind, intelligent businessman, and he was helpful to villagers.

Story of Ali Mama

Jack Ma jokes that he has registered the domain name Ali Mama for this purpose if anyone wants to marry Ali Baba!

Establishment of the company

On April 4 1999, Jack Ma and his group of 17 friends and students established Alibaba.com. A China-based B2B marketplace was set up at his Hangzhou apartment.

Investors in the company

In October 1999, Alibaba received an investment of  US$25 million from Goldman Sachs and Softbank. Alibaba’s goal was to meet the challenge of the World Trade Organization(WTO) to become the domestic e-commerce market for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It became profitable three years after the launch of Alibaba in 2002.

Jack Ma wanted to improve the global eCommerce system, which is why he launched Taobao Marketplace, Alipay, Alimama, and Linux.

The real competitors

When eBay came to share as an e-commerce marketplace in China, there was a business conflict between Alibaba and eBay, and eventually, eBay had to leave China.

Investor Yahoo!

In 2005, Yahoo! invested in Alibaba through the Variable Interest Entity (VIE) structure and bought a 40% stake in Alibaba valued at US$1 billion. By buying Alibaba’s stacks, more companies helped Alibaba become the largest eCommerce marketplace in China and globally.

On September 10, 2019, Jack Ma officially resigned as chairman of Alibaba.

Real History of Alibaba(1999-2020)

Alexa Rank: 178

Search Results: 1 million

Flags: Trademark

Domain:  alibaba.com

Registrar: HICHINA

Creation Date: April 15, 1999

Updated Date: September 19, 2018

Expiration Date: May 23, 2023

Domain Registrar of Alibaba: Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Registrar IANA ID: 420 

Registrar IANA Lookup: https://www.iana.org/assignments/registrar-ids/registrar-ids.xhtml

Registrar URL: http://aliyun.com/

Registrar WHOIS Lookup:  https://whois.aliyun.com/whois/domain/aliyun.com?spm=5334.7477273.3.1

Key People of Alibaba / Management at Alibaba: Daniel Yong ZHANG, Jack Yun Ma, Joseph C. TSAI, J. Michael EVANS, Eric Xiandong JING, Masayoshi SON, Chee Hwa Tung, Walter Teh Ming KWAUK, Jerry YANG, E. Börje EKHOLM, Wan Ling MARTELLO

Alibaba’s Future Plans:

  1. Alibaba Aims to double its customers in the next five years
  2. Expect Alibaba put a hand on Artificial Intelligence
  3. Alibaba leaning at fresh products and seafood
  4. “Magic Fitting Room” a room where you can try out clothes virtually
  5. Started working on the ‘Facial recognition payment option.’
  6. ‘Flyzoo hotel’ a hotel where you’ll feel like living in space
  7. Expect Alibaba research ‘Human free service.’ 
  8. Alibaba leaning at physical retail shops hands of AI robots

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