Expect Ethereum rise $1000 in 2020: +10.53% Up a Day

What is Ethereum/ETH/Ether?

Ethereum (ETH) is the second most popular cryptocurrency, the first one is Bitcoin. It’s an encrypted cryptocurrency and decentralized open-source blockchain featuring smart contract invented to secure the blockchain. Know more about cryptocurrency.

  • BTC

    (USD 43,121.15)

  • ETH

    (USD 3,234.83)

  • XRP

    (USD 0.76)

  • BCH

    (USD 379.07)

  • LTC

    (USD 141.79)

  • XLM

    (USD 0.25)

  • XMR

    (USD 204.58)

  • DASH

    (USD 131.79)

  • TRX

    (USD 0.07)

  • XEM

    (USD 0.12)

  • USDT

    (USD 1.00)

  • ETC

    (USD 31.85)

  • DOGE

    (USD 0.17)


Ethereum Price Chart (ETH)

Ethereum has its historical and tragic virtual journey along with us. Mid-range cryptocurrency Ethereum released on July 30, 2015, and the price was $2.79 per Ether. It took about a year to get up to $2 to $10 but it took only six months to rise from $10 to $397. On June 13, 2017, it achieved its first highest value at $397 per Ethereum coin. Exactly 10 days later, on the 21st of June, the price of Ethereum suddenly dropped to $0.10 per coin.

Ethereum all time high value

Once again, unbelievably, it returned to its stable value on June 25, 2017, at $304 per Ethereum. On January 13, 2018, Ethereum itself hit an all-time high of $1,432.88 and surprised everyone.

As the value of Ethereum dropped to $90 per ETH on March 13, 2020, many became suspicious of the Ethereum, and many cryptocurrency users began to think of the Ethereum as frothy. However, many knew that Ethereum would regain its value and cut off the market. Though, the waiting period was getting heavier as the value of Ethereum was not increasing as expected. The key to solving this problem, Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin, who is seen as the original author of Ethereum, unveiled a new version of Ether called Ethereum 2.0 on August 4, 2020, and today on August 15, 2020, the price of Ethereum runs at $445.45.

Ethereum 2.0 price increase 2020

After the news of Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum has a +10.72% market sub in one week, +83.02% market sub in one month, and +134.69% market sub in one year.

Expecting Ethereum pump up to $1000 | Major Ethereum Erupt

Ethereum is the second most valued cryptocurrency so that reaching $1000 per coin isn’t a big deal. Many experts expecting it soon that Ethereum will go to Moon, a big pump already begins and more big is coming.

Ethereum is a tier-two coin and the minimum price of a tier-two coin will be $1000 soon. Experts saying that Bitcoin will hit 200k in the next 20 years and Ethereum (ETH) will hit 10k to 20k at that time. And if history repeats itself, the value of cryptocurrency may be higher than expected.

Here are some pretty extraordinary telegram channels that provide daily updates and future updates based on cryptocurrency: Unfolded, The Bull

Is Ethereum a good investment?

Not only good but also the most secure cryptocurrency decentralized for smart contracts. Ethereum gaining its value near $1000 and experts think this is the time when you get the most profit from it for sure, staking and holding.

Ethereum pump or dump in 2020?

When everyone expecting Ethereum to go on the moon and reach its original value $1000 per coin, people buying, holding, and staking ethereum 2.0 to gain the most of the profit, at this point there’s no way to dump.

How did Ethereum come about?

The idea of Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin was to spell out some of Bitcoin’s alternatives that would work differently than Bitcoin, but the value would move tightly together. Ethereum is the result of the combined efforts of computer scientist Gavin Wood and programmer Vitalik Buterin.

Vice on HBO news made a discussion documentary on Ethereum and its founder about how it came out and how it works. In the documentary, Vitalik Buterin said that when one bitcoin was worth $0.8, he would write an article for someone and get 5 Bitcoins as his equivalent.

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