Content Policy


Most of the content is written by me and my friends from their own experiences and a little bit of writing has been written by Diamond Writers from various high-quality marketplaces.


We try to make each of our content unique and to our liking, we check the plagiarism through various third-party tools and if for any reason we have to give a reference to the content of another site, we definitely attribute that site.

Images / Photos

All images of our site Commercial Metropole are copyright-free images and unique designs. These images are created using Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and the information contained in the images may be taken from other sites.

There are various online mediums that publish copyright-free images that anyone can use, we may use those images but we give them credit.

Quality & Quantity

The quality of the content must be good, we want to publish the best content so that the readers actually enjoy the whole thing on our site.

Each of our articles is at least 2500 words long, so we try to provide almost all the information about the subject we are writing about, we try to compare different similar products, we try to give reviews.


We do not publish or share any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, obscene, missiles, bioweapons, child abuse.

Promises to give and take money but does not talk at the end of the work, meaning no scam-based content can be shared.

No one’s secrets, pictures, writings can be shared without the permission of the person.