11 Companies willing to Give you FREE Domain Names by 2020


Buy one get one

The free domain name is kind of ‘buy one, get one offer’. No, you don’t need to buy a domain name to get a free one. You’ll need a hosting to go live with a domain. So the offer is you buy hosting you get a free domain. Not open for a lifetime, You have to pay the renewal price after a year of the domain registration otherwise you’ll lose that domain. It’s a business strategy, Service providers give you a domain you use one year, and the domain gets high authority. Finally, if you’re not using the domain after a year, someone else will buy the valuable domain from that marketplace.  That’s how it works.

Starter Pack

But if you’re making proper use of the free domain then welcome. Most of the time, only new users can get the free domain as a starter offer. Suppose you’re opening a new shop or e-commerce business online then you have to make an excellent budget to design the store or for the proper products. At that time who will want to waste money on a name? There you’ll need a free domain name, and that’s what domain service providers mean.

Some of the service providers provide free domain to not only new users but also every business owner, no matter old or new.

Fear is not fair

Now maybe you think this isn’t fair. “I have to buy a package to get a free domain!” It’s not like that, the fact is, you’re buying a web hosting plan and getting a free domain, for the first year.

In this part, we were talking about buying hosting and getting a free domain name. In the next section, we’ll discuss how to get a free domain name without purchasing a web hosting plan.


The first part was simple, buy a startup hosting plan, and get a domain name free. Now the second part is how to get a free domain without purchasing a web hosting plan.

Buying a domain is still out of cost. You just need to add your credit or debit card to the marketplace, that’s all.

Nowadays many domain service providers offer up to 99% discount on domain names. That means it costs nothing to buy a domain name. A 99% discount will make your cost almost zero. It’s simple, put your card on and get the free domain name. But remember, those domains are only free for one year; after that, you have to renew your free domain at regular price.

It’s upon you, if you need the domain you better set an expiration alert and resume it at the right time. Although offering free domains and stuff, it’s all marketing strategy. But if you’re starting a small online business, this will help you a lot. At very first, wasting money on the name isn’t the right decision.

There are hundreds of companies and providers who offer a free domain name at no cost. Today I’ll introduce you to 11 such organizations. Hold your back straight and get your unlimited free domains now. One domain per year, every year one domain with a new account means free domain name whole life. Get it done yourself following instructed companies below.

Top 11 Providers Offering FREE Domain Names:

  • ChemiCloud:  Domain+Lifelong
  • Register.com:  Domain+Email
  • iPage:  Domain+Email
  • (iONOS) 1&1:  Domain+Email
  • GoDaddy:  Domain+Best
  • Domain.com:  Domain+Best
  • Scala Hosting:  Domain+Fast
  • TMDHosting:  Domain+Fast
  • BlueHost:  Domain+Popular
  • HostGator:  Domain+Popular
  • DreamHost:  Domain+Popular

Total Top 20 Providers Offering FREE Domain Names:

  • Name.com:  Domain+Great
  • HostPapa:  Domain+Best
  • Network Solutions:  Domain+Fast
  • Hostinger:  Domain+Standard
  • GreenGeeks:  Domain+Standard
  • Hostwinds:  Domain+Standard
  • AccuWeb Hosting:  Domain+Great
  • Namecheap:  Domain+No Cost
  • FastComet:  Domain+Great

#1 ChemiCloud:

ChemiCloud search logo and free domain for lifetime
ChemiCloud – Lifetime free domain

ChemiCloud is the most uncomplicated web hosting service. Just go to the plans, select one, and get your lifetime free domain. You heard right, a domain name free for lifetime. You don’t have to pay ever or renew. Select any TLDs extension and run your business for a lifetime with the free domain name. 

ChemiCloud is a straightforward web hosting service. No need to hesitate; they have different types of hosting. Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, Cloud VPS, each hosting has three or four plans and 12, 24, 36 months validity.

#OFFER: ChemiCloud Providing One FREE Domain For Lifetime!

#2 Register.com:

Register.com search logo and one year free domain
Register.com – Sign Up to get a free domain

Register.com provides the best domain and email service for your business, and it’s one of the largest domain hosting service providers online. Easy to get solutions, service is reliable, Award-winning customer service. Starting an online business is now comfortable with Register.com. Register.com will fulfill all types of needs and statements.

Register.com offers a free domain with their low-cost hosting plan. From my side, I’ll prefer Register.com as your hosting provider and your business manager. They are responsive and ready to take any responsibility you would like to give.

Now get a free domain and run your blog or online service smoothly like you’re flying a plane. Register.com is your autopilot.

#OFFER: Register.com Offering One FREE Domain and Unlimited FREE Emails!

#3 iPage:

iPage search logo and free domain
iPage – Everything is free

Providing you with the best offer is by the iPage web hosting service. You’re getting 75% off on any hosting plan with FREE Unlimited Domain Registration. Special intro offers $1.99/mo+ but not finished yet, 30-day money-back guarantee, FREE site builder, FREE email address, FREE SiteLock security scans, FREE WordPress building tools, 1,000s of free templates, FREE SSL Certificate, $100 Bing ad credits, $100 Google ad credits, $500 in Extras, FREE 24/7 support. Tell me what more do you need?

#OFFER: iPage Offering Endless FREE Domains and Emails! FREE $100 Bing ad credits, FREE $100 Google ad credits!

#4 1&1 (iONOS):

IONOS by 1&1 search logo and free domain
IONOS – More than free

IONOS is here for your help, no risk, no matter small or big business. Host your site where Facebook & Onedrive hosted. First 3 months free, cancel any time, no risk. Get $200 free credit the first month. HDD, SSD, NVMe options, SEO, Domain Name, SSL, and email included. Free domain and Premium Setup. Perfect hosting for a growing business. Online store and website builder in one place. They are starting at $1/month only.

#OFFER: IONOS Providing FREE Domains and Emails! FREE $200 ad credits, First 3 months FREE Hosting!

#5 GoDaddy:

GoDaddy search logo and free domain
GoDaddy – Make your brand name for free

Making a website and purchasing a domain name is now free with GoDaddy. No credit card required, Start your business full free. Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting. What do you need more?

GoDaddy is seven-time winners of “Exceptional Customer Service”. So no need to worry about the service type. Get your free domain with a very low priced web hosting and run your business worldwide. 

#OFFER: GoDaddy Providing One Year FREE Domain, Email & Office! Wild Range Hosting!

#6 Domain.com:

Domain.com search logo and free domain
Domain.com – Perfect business life name

If you’re thinking about eCommerce stores, then Domain.com provides three months free website builder and 1-year free domain. It has hundreds of TLDs extensions for making a store name perfect. Choose yours and get live with the help of Domain.com. Scalable plans, stable and secure platform, 99.9% uptime. With Domain.com, build or design your website and get web hosting or WordPress hosting at a low price. Unlimited storage, Scalable bandwidth, Free SSL by Let’s Encrypt. Life is fresh with Domain.com domain hosting service provider.

#OFFER: Domain.com Providing One Year FREE Domain, Unlimited databases, Unlimited FTP logins! Three months FREE of the WebsiteBuilder eCommerce!

#7 Scala Hosting:

Scala Hosting search logo and free domain
Scala Hosting – Free domain with privacy

Scala Hosting is best because it’s providing Cloud VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Web Hosting at a low price. 99.998% Uptime, 30-day Money-back Guarantee, Industry-leading Performance & Speed.

With Scala Hosting you’re getting Free Domain, Free SSL, Free CDN, Unlimited Bandwidth, Daily Data Backups, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Emails, Free Migration, 8x CPU Power. What do we need more for a happy journey?

#OFFER: Scala Hosting Providing One Year FREE Domain, Free SSL, Free CDN! Unlimited Emails, Free Migration!

#8 TMDHosting:

TMDHosting search logo and free domain
TMDHosting – Fast free domain

If you’re willing to take a big discount, then welcome to TMDHosting. Sixty days Money-back guarantee Premium Security, 24/7/365 The Most Dedicated Support. Unlimited email accounts, one-click WordPress, and 300+ apps, The most comfortable Drag & Drop site builder.

TMDHosting provides you with all types of hosting services with the guarantee of success. Unlimited SSD Space, Free cPanel, Opcache, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and most importantly, Free Domain. Get your hosting, get your free domain, and never look back again, go fast.

#OFFER: TMDHosting Offering One Year FREE Domain, Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, Free Opcache! Unlimited SSD Space, Premium Support!

#9 BlueHost:

BlueHost search logo and free domain
BlueHost – One-click free domain name

FREE Domain Name for the 1st Year, Included FREE SSL Certificate, 1-Click WordPress Install, 24/7 Support. BlueHost Starting with a reliable intro service pack. Special offer 30-day money-back guarantee, only web hosting company that provides WordPress pro service. But these promotional offers are only valid for new users.

BlueHost is best if you’re thinking about eCommerce business or if you like WordPress. BlueHost is called the hosting service of 2020, which means it’s updated with the latest generation and you’ll get the latest tools and servers. May your journey be happy with the BlueHost service provider.

#OFFER: BlueHost Providing 1st Year FREE Domain Name, WP Pro Service, Free SSL Certificate! Unlimited Domains, Dedicated IP, Spam Experts!

#10 HostGator:

HostGator search logo and free domain
HostGator – Top-level domain for free

Get a free domain for a year on the world’s best hosting service provider HostGator. HostGator is popular because of its exceptional service, and they care about customers. Also, the charge of its service is cheap and affordable for all. Flexible, Easy to use Control Panel and three times Award Winning Web Hosting. 

Only HostGator gives you Unlimited web stuff, $100 Bing Ads Credit, $100 Google Adwords Credit for free. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Wiki instantly install in one click. 

CodeGuard, SiteLock, G Suit, Private, get all these features together in HostGator. HostGator will help your business with web design, PPC, SEO. Life is fresh with the HostGator web hosting service.

#OFFER: HostGator Providing A FREE Domain for The First Year, $100 Google Adwords, $100 Bing Ads Credit! Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts with a 45-day money-back guarantee!

#11 DreamHost:

DreamHost search logo and free domain
DreamHost – various TLDs extensions for free

The final one is DreamHost, get solutions from your dreams. Another latest web hosting service which is accessible for security mainly. The most advanced secure and fast servers where you can easily host your business. Quick website builder and quick design feature available. Free WordPress Migration, Editors Choice, five times award winner for the best web hosting worldwide. Comparable hosting plans are really at a low price. Domains are almost free and up to 95-99% discount. Perfect timing at customer support, 15 min max response time. 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee, WordPress Pre-Installed, Fast SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Customizable Emails, Unlimited Traffic, Free WP Website Builder. Get your job done with DreamHost.

#OFFER: DreamHost Offering A FREE Domain, Free SSL Certificate, Fast SSD Storage! 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Unlimited Email @ Your Domain! Award-Winning Customer Support.

Conclusion: Read my other article where I explained how you can buy domain-hosting using cryptocurrency and why this is important. If you’re concerned about your privacy or if you don’t have a credit and debit card, you can buy a domain hosting with cryptocurrency and this is helpful.

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