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This article discusses the best email service providers of all time, highlighting their pros and cons. Why use these email services and why not. Which email service provider is best for you and which one you can use to move your business forward in the easiest way. Email is the most effective way of engaging the customer with you or your client with you. Read the rest below. Also, you need to know: Tips before starting an online business and best cheap business you can start online today!

1. Zoho Mail

Zoho mail features and packages

The best and all-rounder email service provider I’ve ever seen is Zoho Mail. It’s a worldwide email service provider. Zoho provides email services and other services related to your business.

Zoho is the best because it’s suitable for personal, business, and enterprise. Moreover, its service fee is very limited and affordable for everyone. Not everyone wants to spend huge money on email services in the first term, so Zoho is the best email service provider for everyone.

Zoho Mail forever free plan

If you’re looking for an email service for personal use, Zoho is offering you a completely free email service. That means you don’t have to pay a penny, you can use free Zoho Mail.

However, you can’t use more than one domain in the case of personal email services.

If you’ve started a new business and your business isn’t very popular, that is, if your audience is limited, you can use the package, Zoho Lite, at $1 or see their 15-day trial.

If your audience is huge and a large portion of your business is dependent on email services, then Zoho has 2 more packages, Zoho Workplace and Mail Premium.

The best thing about Zoho is that they offer pretty extra features at a very low price. Zoho Workplace starts at just $3 and the Mail Premium package starts at just $4. With this small amount of money, you get the best service provider and a lot of features with Best Mail Security.

You can safely enlarge your business with the best service provider Zoho.

Zoho is the best email service provider for business and also for partnership business. It has so many features so you can enjoy giving services to your customers. Zoho is best if your team is small. For personal use, It provides 5 GB free storage and the transition limit is 25 MB per mail.

2. Fastmail

Fastmail features and packages

With so many great features of Fastmail, you get 30 days easy to use for free. Yes, you won’t be charged for the first 30 days and you can use their premium version free for 30 days.

Fastmail is a great mail service like Zoho that will help take your growing business a long way. Moreover, the price of Fastmail mail service is very low, depending on the enlargement of your business, Fastmail has 3 packages and each package you get an ad-free account with a huge amount of storage. If you don’t like their service while using their free trial for 30 days, you can cancel the service at any time and get your money back.

Also If you’re a freelancer then this mail service is for you. It has one of the easiest mailing systems for the freelancer. You can easily deal with your international clients or companies though Fastmail and it works fast than other mail services so it’s called Fastmail. Fastmail has some cool features that you’ll be surprised while you use it.

In the basic version, you’ll get 2GB storage per user and in the professional and standard version, you’ll get pretty amazing features. You can achieve unlimited storage in the professional version where you’ve to pay $3 per month for the basic version and $5 per month per user for the standard version and $9 per month for the professional version.

3. Gmail

Google mail/Gmail features and packages

Google made G Suite focusing on business owners. Everything you need to manage and expand your business is in the G Suite. Gmail is one of its product and if you have a Google account that means you surely used Gmail. It’s one of the fastest and secure mail services.

For personal use Gmail is free and you can create your Gmail account in your name. Example: anthony@gmail.com

But for professional use, Google has pretty cool packages. Depending on your business enlargement you can choose any of the packages called Basic, Business, Enterprise where you can choose a custom name email account. Example: sales@yourcompany

With G Suite mail service you get unlimited G-drive cloud storage and 24/7 support. Use Gmail for Business to associate your business with the richest and largest company in the world.

Almost everyone knows about Gmail, actually, it’s the best email service provider from Google. It gives 15 GB of free storage per user and some very easy and flexible functions. You can join audio and video conferences using Gmail with attached features such as Hangout and Meet. Managing emails is super easy and effective with Gmail.

You can filter your mails and set categories or labels also Gmail is supported in everywhere so that you can simply log in to your account.

4. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo mail features and packages

Yahoo! Mail is the oldest and efficient mail service provider. It’s completely free for personal use and very easy to join Yahoo Mail also easy to manage mails and send a beautiful mail via Yahoo Mail. You’ll also find many more features that will make your daily work easier.

Yahoo is one of the leading mail systems for commercial use. With so many types of resources, you can get the best mail service at the lowest price for your business. Depending on how your business grows, you can get a better package that will help your business grow faster and retain customers.

With Yahoo Mail, you get your preferred business email name, such as yourname@yourbusiness.com

Extraordinary with a beautiful mail management system and awesome dashboard. There’s nothing better than starting a good business with a functional mail service provider like Yahoo! Moreover, Yahoo Business Mail service is starting at a price of less than $1 per user per month.

5. ProtonMail

Protonmail features and packages

ProtonMail is popular for extreme security and straightforward service. It’s completely free for personal use and is called an encrypted mail service.

If you want to be sure of your own safety or the safety of your business and customer, I recommend using ProtonMail. In addition to the best security, you get the most modern mail service that will make your communication system beautiful and easy.

There’s only one package (plan) for the ProtonMail business where you can enjoy their mail service by paying monthly and annually. Features in their email service include Auto-Reply, Unlimited Filters/Labels, Catch-All and Priority Support, and genuinely 5GB/User. Paying an annual fee will cost €6.25/month and paying a monthly fee will cost €8/month.

If you prefer high security and privacy for your business email then use ProtonMail. It’ll provide the highest level of security and it has two versions of security level. The first one is free and it’s called the basic version. In this version, the user will get 500 MB free storage, one email address without a custom domain, and 150 messages per day. Don’t worry, It has a plus (second) version and you can get it at a cheap price $5 per month. With plus version (plan) user will get 5GB storage, 5 email addresses with two custom domains, and 1000 messages per day.

6. Outlook.com

Microsoft Outlook mail features and packages

In this world of wonder, who’s not familiar with Microsoft Office 365? Outlook is a product of Microsoft, one of the most trusted companies in the world, and outlook mainly deals with email services.

The outlook is free for personal use, but you can also use Outlook Premium for personal use if you want because Outlook Premium gives you great security, rich storage, and many more premium applications from Microsoft.

Apart from Outlook Premium, if you’re looking for a reliable and honest email service provider for your additional business or enterprise, I don’t think there’s anything better than Outlook for Business.

Microsoft is providing all the premium help you need to manage your business. You’ll get the custom email name and the opportunity to use it for free for the first 30 days. The Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan is just starting at USD$2.50/user/month and depending on your unsuspecting audience/customer you’ll be able to avail the service up to Microsoft 365 Business Premium which is only USD$20/user/month.

Office 365 provides one of the best productivity tools and Outlook is the best email service for business. Suitable for both large and small businesses. Generally, the outlook is for the companies that work using Microsoft Office. You’ll get proximately 50GB to 1TB storage in the premium version.

7. GMX Email

GMX mail features and packages

GMX is a perfect spam-free encrypted unique mail service. It has pretty cool bonus features like Online Office for the organizer. GMX provides storage up to 65GB and supports mail size up to 50MB. Most surprisingly it’s free of cost which means communication between you and your customer is totally free and fully secure. GMX is a reliable medium and advanced mail service conformed by many small business owners.

GMX Email service provider also offers great features such as file sharing, cloud backup, and cloud apps. Not only that, but GMX also uses sophisticated spam filters, antivirus, and password protection to ensure that your mail isn’t tampered with by any third party, bot or virus. Enjoy growing your business with GMX Email.

8. Yandex.Mail

Yandex mail features and packages

Yandex is already well known as mail service and for many years, Yandex has been known as the best email service provider. The reason why Yandex is so popular is that they offer the best email service for free which is offered by various service providers in premium packages.

Currently, you can use the free package of Yandex for personal and small businesses. Soon Yandex will publish their premium package then you’ll be able to use the Yandex Mail service for business and enterprise at ease.

Many trustful people use Yandex Mail because it’s a secure mail service that doesn’t allow any third party person or bot to access your personal information. It’s easy to communicate and collaborate through Yandex. Yandex Mail can be personalized and customized, with Yandex Free Plan you get up to 10 GB of cloud storage.

9. AOL Mail

Aol.com unlimited storage flat big size logo

If you’re concerned about marking your mail as spam or if you want to protect your mail from viruses, I recommend AOL. AOL Mail is well known for its excellent email protection but also surprisingly it provides unlimited storage.

If your business is big or has a large audience waiting to hear from you, AOL is the best mailing service, with which you can seize your moment. AOL makes your business easy and secure but the attachment size supports AOL 25 MB per mail. AOL is a mail that you can compare to Google’s Gmail.

Learn more about AOL premium and free subscription.

10. Mail.com

Mail.com features and packages

As you may have guessed from the name, this email service provider is old and straightforward. That’s right. Mail.com offers the easiest and most professional mail service. You can choose the email name of your choice from the pre-listed almost 200 domain names. Basic, Top, Professional, Hobbis, Tech, Music, USA, World, Spiritual– You can get these types of email names for free. You can also set your business custom name email.

Email.com is absolutely free and if you’re looking for an email service with sophisticated virus protection, you won’t find a better option than email.com. To learn more about email services, you can read their articles on how to fix an email name, which email name attracts the most customers, and which email names are less likely to fall into spam.

Mail.com is the perfect email service for the new business owners. You can easily control your business mail by mail.com. The free version of email.com provides 2 GB of storage per user per account but you can set it to unlimited manually and it protects from viruses automatically. Email.com also has a premium plan. Every email is limited to 30 MB.

11. Webmail

Webmail powered by cPanel flat logo

Webmail is a free emailing service provided by cPanel. If you’ve been using the cPanel, you must have seen Webmail. Although webmail is a free mail service, you can’t use it without a cPanel account, and to get cPanel you need to get hosting from a hosting provider who provides cPanel for host management.

Webmail is a simple straightforward mail service that allows you to send & receive emails very easily and quickly. With cPanel, you can easily create a custom name email for your business and it depends on your hosting provider how many emails you can create and how much email storage you’ll have. Moreover, the size of files in Megabytes you sends and receive per email also depends on your hosting plan.

So Webmail is a built-in mail service with a hosting plan for which you don’t have to spend any money.

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