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Get the best idea about the 11 best TLDs domain extensions and Domain Name System (DNS)


best commercial domain extension .com and its use

Ask me about the top domain extensions, I’ll keep .Com in the first place cause it’s the most popular and common extension in the world of the internet. Not for a particular country, it’s a worldwide and priority domain extension. Everyone who sets the mind to buy a domain, at first they search for .com extension if it’s available and most of the premium domain has the extension .com. It’s really an important domain extension because of .com’s intended use on ‘commercial entities’.

For this domain extension, you may bid more value or price that you can afford, if you can’t afford it then go to other extensions such as .net .org .co, etc. But the priority should be the .com domain extension to comfort your domain name.


.net domain extension and its use

Surely .Net is a popular domain extension but not as popular as .Com.

.Net is usable worldwide but generally, it’s used for topics that are related to network and technology.

If you’re willing to create an application or resources based company then .net extension is perfect. I may not compete .net with .com cause these extensions are created for different purposes. Therefore, it’s an excellent extension to have, grab if it’s available.


.org extension and its use

An extension for most of the time nonprofit organization is .Org.

It’s a Top Level Domain (TLD) extension available for every business owners and organizations. Worldwide many private nonprofitable organizations use this domain extension to organize their business and NGO also many political parties and governments use this extension.

.Org domain extension is well known in its field but comparing to other popular extensions, it’s not that popular. Grab this domain extension if it’s suitable for you or if you can’t get the .com and .net extensions.


.co short form of .com use in Colombia

.Co extension is a country-code domain extension that’s very popular because of its domain priority and value though now it has become a worldwide domain extension.

.Co extension is based on country Colombia. Better if you use this domain extension only when your business related to Colombia or based in Colombia.

Some people misunderstand that .co is a short form of .com but it’s not, though it’s enough popular to use instead of .com. Surprisingly the .co extension is cheaper than the .com extension.


.us united states based country code domain extension

.Us is another popular country-based domain extension and it’s dedicated to those who have business residents in the US. Keeping the .us extension in the top five can buffer some questions cause it’s a country based extension that’s usually made to use in the domain name that’s from the United States. However, it’s very popular in the United States, and if I count the users of this extension, it should be at the top of the list.


.xyz extension is for fun

The .Xyz domain extension comes on June 2, 2014, and at a very few times, it became popular because it’s easy to remember and full of fun. I’ve heard that this extension is generated to decrease the domain cost and to start a new generation in the world of the internet. It’s a generic top-level domain extension proposed by the ICANN. Some of the similar extensions are .college .rent .car .cars .auto ,etc. Official .xyz extension domain purchase site gen.xyz.


.blog extension for blog sites

.Blog is one of the generic top-level domain extensions that everyone can hold to use. It gives queer features such you can change the domain name as example.blog.

In partnership with the company, WordPress is the owner of this domain extension. Feel free to buy this .blog extension if you like it or if it’s suitable for your content. It’s a modern kind extension so your website may get a future look.


US based educational institutional extension .edu

.Edu is a top-level domain (TLD) extension and has its specification which is, it’s generally used in the purpose of education and it’s related to the American post-secondary educational institutions because they’ve got the majority of it.

It’s usable worldwide, but American post-secondary institutions such as colleges and universities use it the most. Use this .edu extension for exam boards, schools, colleges, universities, and something related to the educational institutions. 


US military entities domain extension .mil

This .Mil domain extension is all about ‘Military entities’ and one of the first top-level domain extensions which were created in 1985, Sponsored by the Department of Defense of the United States.

Firstly, it was used only in the military of America but later it went worldwide. Exclusive military-related organizations of any country can use this extension in their domain name. I recommend not using this extension if your concept isn’t clear enough.


nothing but a generic domain extension .site

.Site extension gives the potential to develop e new brand easily cause it attracts users more than any other extensions. It makes the domain top-level and increases the priority of it. Nowadays many companies and organizations using this domain extension to their site and they think it helps build trust between brand and customer. Moreover, with .site extension, you get pretty featureful DNS support that email forwarding, email routing, autoresponders, email deliverability, spam filter, track delivery have no fee to use.


top level extension .int

The extension .Int is a sponsored top-level domain extension and its use for international organizations and treaty-related purposes. Basically, it’s only usable for governmental work.

It came out in 1988 and is available worldwide, also, it’s used in international matters and national government. As an alternate, this .int extension is called intergovernmental domain extension and it’s eligible for intergovernmental persons.

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