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See below 11 cheap online businesses that you can start today. These jobs are suitable for you because online business is easy, cheap, and profitable, also because you’re starting a new business you should care about tips before starting an online business.

#1 Writing is Money:

write for legit money writing is money
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You can easily earn money through blogging. You don’t have to be experienced because you can write articles using your imaginary power. You can also help yourself reading articles by professional bloggers. Blogging can pay you a lot of money if you know how to express feelings. Earning a $1000 per month writing blog is an easy job where you can earn more. Think easily, express, earn legit money. A good blog is about writing experiences, the more you write in blogging the better. Writing is the most effective way where you can call yourself self-employed.

#2 Driving is a pro job:

many driver accepts that driving online is the perfect cheap business
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If you can drive a car, ride a bike or something like that or if you specialize in driving then earning money is going to be very easy for you. Driving isn’t a full-time job you can do whenever you want. No various qualifications required, all matters are whether you can drive or not. But remember to have your driving license otherwise it’ll be an illegal business. There are many reliable and popular online platforms where you can drive for them as a part-time driver. Uber is the most popular platform, registering them with your driving experience, and helping people around you by transporting. Add driving as your part-time business and make good money. You may think I’m talking about a job, not a business, driving is a business because it’s freelance work.

#3 Become a course banker:

making course file is another best cheap online business
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Many online education platforms these days are asking people to share their skills by creating courses. If you have skills in a particular thread, you can share your experiences and ideas with millions of students who want to learn and be inspired by you. Some of the popular platforms are Udemy, Lynda, Skillshare.

If you are skilled in various online work and you have enough confidence that your work will workout then you can sponsor an online course on that basis. By taking an online class or creating a course file you can earn money and this will be your side income. In this case, you can easily make money by sharing your thoughts from experience. You need to use your skills to guide others. Tell them about your successes and how you have achieved them. Good luck. 

#4 Become a reseller:

reselling business can turn your financial face
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The process isn’t complicated, you’ll buy the product at a lower price and sell it at a better profit. You can buy products from online marketplaces like Alibaba, Aliexpress, Tundra, Exporthub, DHgate.com, etc. These are B2B Marketplace, B2B means buyer to buyer. Wholesalers are selling their products in the B2B marketplace and you’re buying from them at a lower price and selling again with a profit.

This is a very popular online business today. But before you buy a product you must have an idea about that product, you need to know the latest news about the product. So you need to gather more information. Doing a reselling business can turn your income around because it’s an effective business method. I think you should start a resale business now, you’ll fall behind as much as you think because at the same time someone else is starting this business and increasing the competition.

#5 Social video media platform:

make video and set ads on it to earn legit money
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It’s not just about YouTubing because there are so many good video media platforms where you can post regularly and gain popularity. Example platforms, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, Twitter, and many more. Getting rich is usually common but you’ll be a well-known person with the help of video media platforms. People like you and I are becoming full-time employees on YouTube, why? Because it’s valid, reliable and requires a normal workflow.

At first, create a channel or page then share your opinion making videos. Make tutorials, talk on specific topics. However, you can create vlogs, music, dramas, gaming videos, etc. Share with your friends and family, do some SEO work, and go viral. You make money when people watch your videos, yes, it’s so common. So, create a creative profile, share your creativity, share your experience, and make money. If luck is on your side it may be the best source of your income.

#6 Millionaire copywriter:

transform writing into money
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Copywriting is basically the work of translating. It doesn’t take as much creativity as other jobs, but if you’re creative, it’ll be your plus point. Some examples of copywriting are: you’ll be given audio, you’ll write it in the language you are asked to write, or you will be given a script written in one of the languages, you’ll translate it into another language, these are the things.

If you have an interest in writing, you can write online and this is called copywriting. You can’t only write but also speak. It’ll give you complete freedom to write and speak and also give you a lot of money. Copywriting is a great opportunity for those who love to write. It’ll bring fame and money. So if you have the talent to write and speak, start copywriting today.

#7 Dropship goods:

drop shipping products is the most profitable cheap online business
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Over the years the dropshipping business has become known as a lucrative business. You don’t have to do any work here. You’ll open an online store and buyers will choose to order products from your store, then you don’t have to deliver the product. The product will be delivered by the person from whom you dropship.

Suppose you’re dropshipping from Alibaba, so if a customer orders a product from your site, the order request will go to the Alibaba seller, the seller will deliver the product to your customer.

If we calculate the profit, then the profit will be such that the price of a product on Alibaba is $1. You’re selling that product on your site for $3. Now when the customer orders the product for $3, you pay $1 to the Alibaba seller and the seller delivers the product directly to the customer without delivering it to you.

Create an online store first. From your store, you’ll sell another person’s product and earn a commission for that. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any manufacturing and shipping of the product. There’s no possibility of loss in this business and you don’t have to store products. You should create a community to sell products. The more products you sell, the more you earn. So it depends on you.

#8 Cooking is a pleasure:

cooking materials
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If you’re an expert in cooking, you can share your recipes with many more who want to taste your food or learn from you. You can train people about cooking, it’s possible to make a lot of money training people.

There’s a high demand for good cooks right now, you can take advantage of this opportunity to further enhance your cooking techniques. You can learn a lot more yourself when you spend time with good cooks like you.

If you like cooking, you’ll enjoy the work. You don’t have to go out to do this. If you don’t know how to cook, you can take training from home. If people like your cooking you’ll be popular, you can create a culinary training center near home. 

#9 Be the frame person:

selling photos is the most cheap online business
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Photography is a great job if you understand the scenery and the emotions around you. Photography is a dream job for many, almost everyone wants to be a good photographer. If you have a good knowledge of photography, you can be a part-time or full-time photographer, as you wish. Although photography is a job, it’s a freelance job, you can do photography anytime, so it’s like a type of business. 

You can share your ideas and creativity on social media or there are many popular sites where you can store your photographs to show what you do. Such as Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay.

There are many types of photography in the industry, choose the one you like. Besides, you can sell pictures in various online marketplaces where people come every day to buy new pictures. Your pictures can be used for various personal and commercial purposes.

#10 Make money on travel:

make money while traveling
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Falling in love with work is the key to success. Traveling is a great job and many people have been involved with it for a long time. You can be a traveling master or guide if you like to travel or if you have a good idea about a particular place. It includes both money and happiness. First, you have to show people that you have traveled and you do it very well. You can do this by opening a social media page or profile where you will post regular updates related to travel. Then create a secure site where people can book trips with you. You’re ready to make money.

#11 Become a lecturer:

giving lecture is a great online cheap business
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Teaching is a great passion and it’s considered to be the most respected profession. If you’re good at studying or if you understand a subject well, you can help by teaching it to others. Since you don’t have to follow strict rules or time, it’s a lot like business.

You can teach online because nowadays it’s easy and effective. You can buy a host space where students can join. There’re many popular services for digital teachers. Here are some of them: Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology Learning, Brightspace, and many more. With these services, you’ll get all the benefits you need to teach online. 

Conclusion: Now you know that making money isn’t very difficult in this modern world.

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