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What is Anonymous Hosting Service?

Anonymous hosting service is a service where you can store your information, share your information, host your data, hide your data without telling who you are.

First of all, paying with crypto is always anonymous. This means, when you’re paying someone or an organization with crypto, then you don’t need to tell any information. It’s not necessary to fill in personal information when you’re billing with crypto. In this respect, you’re paying anonymously. Now you know what an anonymous service is. You’re purchasing service, but you’re not providing any personal information as a registrant, and this is an anonymous service.

Anonymous cryptocurrency attempts

Secondly, not only cryptocurrency but also such methods where you don’t need to fill any type of private information belongs to anonymous service.

Thirdly, there’re such service providers who promise not to leak your information because you’re a private customer to them. It’s their responsibility to protect your data because you’re using their anonymous service. It’s because you’re transferring some secure or very private information with your trustable one, and you don’t want another third person to see it.

What is Offshore Hosting?

Offshore hosting is nothing but hosting your website, data, and application far off the datacenter. Far off means? Far from your region.

Why offshore hosting? It’s because the contents you’re publishing are copyrighted, DMCA content, Hacking related, Adult content. However, it’s not the case that you can’t use offshore hosting unless you are concerned with these issues. Of course, you can, but I won’t suggest that.

Anything which can create violence, break guideline, illegal, age-restricted, harmful can be hosted in offshore hosting. By the way, it’s all about your security. You’re hosting your website offshore because you don’t want to get harmed or known publicly. You’re aware of what you’re doing isn’t right; that’s why you’re using an offshore hosting service. Even if there’s no legal case or the legal issue behind what you’re publishing, you can safely use offshore hosting.

Who is Anonymous Hosting Service Provider?

Well, no specific person. Anyone who promises not to leak your personal information or anyone who doesn’t ask for your information is an anonymous service provider.

Many hosting service providers permit you to host your thing anonymously. If you’re a customer of them, you can organize anything without leaking your address or information. You can call it a feature.

There’re such tools that can easily find a person’s data from the hosting provider, such as an address, phone number, email, etc. If you’re serious about hiding yourself from everyone, then feel free to use an anonymous hosting service. They’ll refrain from showing your private information directly, or they won’t ask for any personal information that can be leaked.

So the anonymous hosting service provider is the one who allows you to hide your information and give you extra privileges and protection.

Why Host Your Website Anonymously?

This question has various answers. Possibly your content is copyrighted, DMCA content, Hacking content, Adult content. But you’re hosting your website anonymously because you want to hide your identity.

Many people use anonymous hosting services because of the following points:

  1. If they publish pirated copies of musical works, films.
  2. If they post pictures and literary works without the consent of the author.
  3. When they release any extremist material.
  4. When someone publishes content, that’s not for everyone, offensive or only for adults.
  5. Someone uses anonymous hosting when operating online gambling resources without a license.
  6. Anonymous hosting is used to publish any kind of offensive content, information, material.
  7. Anonymous hosting is used to sell illegal drugs and weapons online.
  8. Anyone uses anonymous hosting to stay connected to hype spam or hacking resources.

Also, you can host your website anonymously because what you’re hosting is political, illegal, diplomacy attached, harmful to others. Most of the anonymous hosting users use anonymous hosting because they’re publishing adult content, sensored content, diplomatic politic, hacking-related. Another good reason for hosting your site anonymous is you might scam people or steal their money.

It’s prevalent to use anonymous hosting service, but maybe you’re not familiar with it. That’s why you never heard before.

Some of my friends are using anonymous hosting, and they’re using it properly. The main advantage of using anonymous hosting is that your identity will be kept secret no matter what you do, but this doesn’t mean that your content will be protected.

If you publish awful and unusual things that are harmful to users or anyone, then they can report the abuse of your site for creating violence, or they can report that to your hosting provider. As a matter, your hosting provider might remove your content immediately. They have the right to do that, and you have to remain right silent.

Get the best idea about the 11 best anonymous web hosting service providers

#1. Anonymously.io

anonymously.io hosting plans and prices

A pure anonymous web hosting service is Anonymously.io which only supports bitcoin/cryptocurrency and the information you’ll provide is only email, nothing personal. This is one of the best anonymous web hosting service providers I’ve seen because to get hosting from Anonymously.io you must first accept their rules which state that you won’t share any of your personal information while taking support and the person whom you’ll talk or chat won’t share any of his personal information.

Not only that, but their main purpose is to protect your privacy and your private information, they’ll never share who you’re or what you do with third parties. With your website you can do offshore hosting, that is, you can host far away from your location so that if someone wants to track you, will never get your real address.

Anonymously.io comes with 99.99% uptime, 24 hours monitoring, affordable hosting, migration arrangements, quality hosting and instant setup, your server that’s completely your kingdom, and unlimited bandwidth.

The types of services that you’ll get at Anonymously.io are Anonymous Web Hosting, Anonymous VPS Hosting, Anonymous Server Hosting, Anonymous Domain Registration.

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#2. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb anonymous hosting plans and prices

AccuWeb Hosting provides lighting fast fully managed hosting service also faithful and anonymous and over 17 years of experience. AccuWeb Hosting provides Windows Hosting at $2.99/mo, Linux Hosting at $3.09/mo, Cloud Hosting at $4.79/mo, Cloud VPS at $15.00/mo, Dedicated Hosting at $89.00/mo.

It should also be noted that AccuWeb Hosting supports PayPal and Cryptocurrency so I can assure you that you can definitely host your website anonymously and your privacy will be completely protected.

Cryptocurrency hosting means anonymous hosting because it’s an encrypted payment that no one can ever use to track you and the service provider won’t ask for any personal information from you if you pay with crypto. As a result, AccuWeb Hosting is becoming known as an anonymous web hosting service provider along with the best hosting service provider.

Three times award winner AccuWeb Hosting rated as best seller hosting service provider because of their super-fast support system that responds within 11 minutes on the ticket and 7 seconds on chat. Datacenter in Denver and they have spam experts that ensure your site never meets spambots. Customers are super happy with the AccuWeb Hosting service provider and reviewed it as the No.1 web hosting service provider. AccuWeb Hosting guarantees 100% customer satisfaction cause they made the hosting easy-to-use for everyone and PCMAG rated it as editor’s choice.

Lastly, there’s no substitute for AccuWeb Hosting to keep your site secure and provide fast service to your customers.

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#3. Hostinger

Hostinger anonymous hosting plans and prices

Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and many cloud apps that will make you a pro-business owner. Creating a site is easy but governing not easy. Hosting with Hostinger allows you to build a business website in the shortest time and at the lowest cost and present your business to everyone very quickly.

You may be wondering whether Hostinger is anonymous hosting or not? Hostinger is the best anonymous hosting service provider because it supports PayPal and Cryptocurrency, which is supported by every anonymous service provider.

If you use cryptocurrency transactions with Hostinger, you don’t have to submit your personal information, your request will be confirmed in an encrypted manner and they’ll hide your details if you take a domain or hosting. As a result, no one will be able to see your personal information with third-party tools.

Premium tools and features you’ll get with Hostinger User-Friendly Control Panel, WordPress Optimized Site, Google Cloud, Litespeed, Cloudflare, Jetpack, etc.

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#4. AnonymousSpeech

AnonymousSpeech hosting plans and prices

Every anonymous thing you need is available in Anonymousspeech which is a digital service provider working on anonymous service. IP, Email, Phone Number, encrypted SSL, encrypted user ID & Password, Anti Phishing Protection, and many more anonymous services available in AnonymousSpeech.

If you want to change your server time anonymously then AnonymousSpeech can help you with it.

Normally if you purchase a domain name you must fill sign-up form and registrant form where you must fill in your personal information such as name, number, email, address, etc. But with AnonymousSpeech you can easily own a domain name without providing any personal information or if you have to provide it, they won’t show it to third parties, AnonymousSpeech will hide your personal information instead of showing it in various places.

AnonymousSpeech has its legal implement that means whatever you’re buying or taking isn’t illegal, it’s 100% white hat service. You can host your service offshore where nobody can locate you also you can share files that nobody can erase or break. AnonymousSpeech is the best anonymous service provider since 1996 worldwide.

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#5. IT Itch

IT Itch anonymous hosting plans and prices

A perfect bitcoin web hosting provider IT Itch provides a fully anonymous web hosting service. Hosting websites anonymously is just as easy as losing a match in PUBG. You can choose the shared server, VPS server, dedicated server, and managed server. IT Itch also provides an email service in which you can simply send and receive emails securely. Building a website is also easy with IT Itch with its premium site builder that requires zero coding skills and surprisingly IT Itch provides free hosting when you use their website builder

Bitcoin VPS, SSD VPS, cPanel VPS are some premium features and packages that you can use.

With IT Itch anonymous hosting you can choose your server location where you would like to host your website, you can host unlimited domains & sub-domains, no credit & debit card required, pay with cryptocurrency, unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited emails, Unlimited Everything!

For security & access, some cool features will help you stopping spam & hack. IT Itch has quality employees who will support you if there’re any programming errors. Keep your private details secret all you need to input is email. 

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#6. Anonymous Hosting

AnonymousHostings hosting plans and prices

Anonymous Hosting is the best hosting service provider accepts 70+ CryptoCurrencies which is a serious benefit when you’re thinking about protecting your privacy and personal information. You can install 120 FREE web applications including Joomla, WordPress, Magento, OsCommerce, OpenCart, PhpBB, PrestaShop, and much more that will help you grow your business easily also you can track your audience activities. 

Anonymous Hosting provides the DirectAdmin Control Panel which gives you full control over your hosting and domain.

With shared hosting, you get daily backups that most of the hosting service providers ignore. You get regular PHP version updates and most surprisingly no personal information is required to set up your anonymous hosting account. With shared hosting plans, you get 100MB to 5000MB storage and unlimited domain hosting, free SSL certificate included, and any content allowed– no restrictions no limitation no inquiry no issues. I prefer Anonymous Hosting which is the best anonymous web hosting service provider.

Anonymous VPS and Anonymous Domain also available if you need so.

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#7. Vindo Anonymous Hosting

VindoAnonymousHosting hosting plans and prices

Vindo Anonymous Hosting is another best anonymous web hosting service provider that protects your privacy and private information that means you host site anonymously and no one knows your real identity.

To purchase a domain & hosting from Vindo Anonymous Hosting all you need to submit is a valid email address. It has three cool hosting plans which are Mini Plan at 9.95€/month, Basic Plan 19.95€/month, Advanced Plan 29.95€/month. 

In every hosting plan, you can host unlimited domains, free SSL certificate, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, and various datacenters.

A secure and strong business starts with great privacy. Vindo Anonymous Hosting also provides anonymous VPS hosting and anonymous domain registration. Virtual Private Server or the VPS is great if you’re looking for the fastest server and Vindo Anonymous Hosting got three monthly plans starting at 29.95€/month to 49.95€/month. 

You can share any type of content on your site with Vindo Anonymous Hosting, no one can report against you, you won’t get banned from the web because you’ll stay anonymous, DMCI, Copywritted, illegal every type of content you can publish.

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#8. LibertyVPS

LibertyVPS anonymous hosting plans and prices

LibertyVPS is the #No.1 VPS offshore anonymous hosting service provider worldwide. They provide offshore Linux VPS servers, offshore Windows VPS servers. They also provide servers without VPS starts at $39.99/month, 50GB disk space, 1 Gbps port speed, offshore location in the Netherlands.

LibertyVPS is super fast in that they set up your server within 5 minutes and it’s the most secure server you get because they accept cryptocurrency payment and the Netherlands offshore location is the heart of the hosting service provider. CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, cPanel Control Panel make your server more reliable.

Protecting your privacy is the priority of LibertyVPS. It has four different plans for small to large business owners. Offshore Linux VPS Bronze plan starts at $19.99/month and the Platinum plan starts at $79.99/month. Offshore Windows VPS Bronze plan starts at $24.99/month and the Platinum plan starts at $99.99/month. You’re good to go with LibertyVPS hosting service provider.

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#9. Bitcoin Web Hosting

BitcoinWebHosting anonymous hosting plans and prices

I’ve already mentioned Bitcoin Web Hosting in my other article where I wrote about domain hosting providers that accept cryptocurrency. Again, Bitcoin Web Hosting provides Shared, VPS, and Dedicated server spaces depending on your business. 24/7/365 personalized support, 45-day money-back guarantee. Setup your website instantly with Bitcoin Web Hosting. Also, you get DDOS protection, Domains, and SSL certificate, and managed servers. 

Bitcoin Web Hosting is the most secure hosting service provider that promises to protect your privacy. They accept popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. Because crypto is an encrypted method and no one can track who sends and receives the payment so your private information isn’t mandatory to buy a domain and hosting. 

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#10. Bulletproof Hosting

BulletproofHosting anonymous hosting plans and prices

Bulletproof Hosting, as the name suggests, is how secure and active they are in protecting your privacy. It’s the most advanced and updated service provider that uses the best servers to make your website the fastest. Bulletproof Hosting provides all kinds of spam and virtual attack protection. One thing is clear, your business is fully protected and secure with Bulletproof Hosting service provider.

This hosting service provider’s data center located in five countries that means you can host your site where ever you want. Their ticket system is good and you get support very fast. They also provide anonymous domain names which mean no third parties can see your identity or private information. In Bulletproof Hosting, the domain and hosting migration is very useful when you’re not happy with your current service provider.

Bulletproof Hosting provides managed and fastest VPS servers that won’t let your business down for a second. It’s the most straightforward anonymous hosting service provider I’ve ever seen.

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

#11. Simafri

Simafri anonymous hosting plans and prices

Last but not least Simafri service provider providing anonymous domain and hosting as well. It’s a serious and secure hosting provider that protects your identity and private information that will make you a public figure with no face and trace. You do whatever you want on your site, no one objects, and bill with Bitcoin in an encrypted way. 

Simafri anonymous service provider provides anonymous domain, anonymous hosting, anonymous server, anonymous email, and many more. It’s enough encrypted that it works with Tor. Also, you get hundreds of web applications that make your work a lot easier. Other features that may interest you are Softaculous, cPanel, Subdomains, SSL certificate, Antivirus & Antispam.

With Simafri Knowledgebase you learn more about anonymous stuff and hide in the virtual world which means no responsibility. It has three anonymous hosting plans and surprisingly the BRONZE plan starts at 2.99€/per month only, SILVER 5.99€/per month, GOLD 9.99€/per month. In the gold plan, you get everything unlimited. 

Cryptocurrency support: Yes

Is Hosting Anonymously Good or Bad?

Imagine you’re a poem writer, and you’re not interested in expressing yourself; that’s why you use a pseudonym or alias. The good thing here is that you can write whatever you want, whether for good or for bad, no one will be able to catch you or find your real identity because you’re hiding your real identity by using a pseudonym. And the bad thing is that you have to protect your work, you’ll lose your composure, you’ll work hard, but won’t get the result, even if you write something good, no one will applaud you because you have kept your identity secret.

Hosting anonymously is kindly the same to me. You can hide your identity, but no one will ever appreciate your participation. It was all about personal good and evil. If we think of business profit loss, then we have to say, it depends. The bad thing is your customer won’t trust you because you’re hiding your legal information. The good thing is if you scam someone, he/she can never find your real identity.

How secure is Anonymous Hosting?

Like other hosting service providers, anonymous hosting is similarly secure. But security always depends on the service providers. The security of web hosting depends on how diligent they’re to ensure the safety of the users. You won’t get any special protection due to anonymous hosting services. You may need to purchase a separate security package for additional protection.

But no worries, no hosting provider is insecure. They’re working 24/7/375 to ensure your safety. Although the security of a website depends on some specific things, For example, SSL certificate, DDoS protection, Web application firewall (WAF), Website scanner, Content management system (CMS), Blacklisting, Vulnerability exploits, Defacement.

  • SiteLock is the best tool to check your website security, and you should check it right now before Google checks your website and mark it risky.
  • SSL certificate makes sure that any transaction between your website and customers are fully secure.
  • DDoS attacks can make your site inaccessible, slow, or crash; you should look after it right now.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) or Malware protection is ordinary and necessary website protection. In this case, you might have to install some trustable virus protection software.
  • After your website is attacked, a website scanner will help you to quickly find out the eliminated spot because it takes more time to find a cyber attack.
  • Update your software regularly because old plug-ins are blind spots for your site. Content Management System (CMS) are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce at a higher risk of the bargain due to vulnerabilities and security issues often found of third party plug-ins and applications. But not all plug-ins are dangerous. Plug-ins made with light code, not well-programmed, are breakable hackable.
  • Google will blacklist your site or warn users not to enter if it finds any virus or malware or unusual activity.
  • Cybercriminals can access any type of old plug-in or application that is a weak spot for your site.
  • Cyber attacks can trigger the defacement of your site and can put malicious content of cybercriminals on your website.

Anonymous Hosting Forever? Conclusion

Just like another web hosting service, anonymous web hosting is a forever web hosting service. But it depends on the service provider how long they want to give the service to customers; also, it depends on the customers how much they like anonymous hosting service. It’s all part of a business, and the best strategy will win.

Most of the time, an anonymous hosting service will provide you dedicated IPs for more private connections also Dedicated servers that you can uniquely work on in your private area. 

Anonymous hosting service is nothing but a private and secure hosting service. Keep your information secure, keep your identity safe, don’t go naked, don’t show your face, keep up your society (fun society) work, and congregation you’re anonymous now.

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