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Auction GoDaddy – Intro

There’s no doubt that domain auction has always been a lucrative business. When it comes to selling domains on Godaddy, like everyone else, I can say that how valuable and brandable it’s going to be for you.

GoDaddy always strives to keep their clients satisfied, they’ve made the impossible possible and in just a short time they have established themselves as the largest domain buy-sell company in the world.

Selling Domains on GoDaddy – Business thought

GoDaddy company's last 12 months trending statistic
GoDaddy company’s last 12 months trending statistic

Ordinary people like you and me are selling domains on Godaddy every day by participating in auction Godaddy. The domain auction is considered by many to be a business, which is why one has to go through this process with planning, knowledge, style, and technique.

Godaddy domain auction has sold a few dollars to several million dollars worth of domains, can you imagine the price of just one name is million?

Auction GoDaddy Free & Paid membership

If you want to sell domains on Godaddy, you must first be a Godaddy auction member. Only. $4.99/year – for which you can become a Godaddy auction member.
But don’t worry, you can auction Godaddy without buying a membership, for which you have to select the Closeouts and Bargain Bin category.

Auction Godaddy is so popular because it has made it easy to find the right domain name at the right price. You can auction domains based on categories. Some of Godaddy’s most popular categories are

  • Featured
  • Most active
  • Expiring
  • Ending soon
  • Fixed price
  • Closeouts (No membership required)
  • Bargain bin (No membership required)
  • A-Z listings

How a domain auction works!

Of course, every domain is listed for a certain period of time, during which time anyone can bid on your domain, buy at a fixed price, or offer a large amount.

Sometimes you’ll get a higher bid than the price at which you want to sell the domain or you’ll have to give up your domain a little less than the price you want to sell. It depends on the needs of your domain name to others and that’s how an auction works.

You’ll find domain names starting from 3 characters to premium brandable domain names in auction Godaddy. If you want to know more, you can call Godaddy customer care directly.

GoDaddy Investor App – Business Everywhere

Godaddy has an investor app called ‘GoDaddy Investor‘ through which you can complete deals while running anywhere in the mobile application. Selling domains on Godaddy is safest because Godaddy will take responsibility if you suffer for any reason and the same rule will continue to apply when buying.

Before buying a domain, you’ll have the opportunity to review it thoroughly. So now is the time to start thinking about domain investing and domain auctions. If you want you can hire an agent who is doing this work from Age, he’ll help you and can take a small commission instead.

You can check the list of Top 25 Most Expensive Domains of 2019 here also, check the prices of Google, Amazon, Alibaba .com domains.

Join Honey – Get Coupons | Buy Sell Discounts

join honey coupon expert
Join honey coupon expert

In today’s internet age everyone provides digital services, and when buying digital services we all look for coupon codes to get some discounts. Up to 1-99% discount is possible by applying a coupon or voucher code.

When you trade a domain in Godaddy, you may need to buy your own domain. The Honey tool will help you to find the coupon code for Instant Godaddy Domain Buy at the time of purchase which will save you a lot of time and money.

Honey does this through their browser extension. You’ll need to install the extension in your browser first and from then on you’ll be able to buy the domain at Godaddy with a lot of discounts.
When buying any kind of product or service from any other eCommerce marketplace or any website, not just Godaddy, Honey will analyze that site and find the coupon of the best discount for you. I think it’s a great experience.

Why shouldn’t you do an auction GoDaddy? Real Truth

Below are some of the reasons and if those reasons match yours, it would be better for you not to sell domains at Godaddy.

  1. If you’re under 18. To buy a domain, you need to have a valid bank account, which is not usually the case before the age of 18.
  2. If you don’t have previous experience or knowledge about domain trade. Having good knowledge is a compulsory fact.
  3. If you have no idea what kind of domain to buy and sell. Thousands of domains are being bought every day but not all of them can be sold at a good price because, in order for a domain to be qualitative, there are several aspects to consider.
  4. If you have any kind of malicious intent. GoDaddy is always ready to protect its policy and customer’s privacy.
  5. If you have no idea about domain value. You may have misconceptions about domain value, but that misconception will hurt your domain trade. Need to know how to analyze the value of a domain.

Advanced Search Option – Auction GoDaddy

Using Auction Godaddy’s Advanced Search Options, you can easily get an exact domain for your webmaster or any other job. Finding the domain of your choice is now easy and effective with Advanced Search.

  • The customization you get when you use the Advanced Search option is that you can select specific keywords and set them at the beginning, middle, or end of the domain you want.
  • You can set the minimum and maximum prices so that you can expect to get the best domain within the budget.
  • So far out of about 475 domain extensions, you can select one or more domain extensions, this will only show domains that have your domain extensions at the end. If you don’t select a domain extension, you’ll see randomly or serially one domain extension after another.
  • You can also set how many characters you want to keep in your domain or whether there’ll be dashes or digits in the domain.
  • You can decide how old the domain should be and how many years it should be, so the increase & decrease of domain value is entirely up to you.
  • You can specify exactly how much traffic the domain name you want to buy should have, which really advanced the domain search option.
  • The last and most important thing is the domain category i.e. there is an attribute option to select whether the domain name you want to buy is related to your niche or topic. You can select the specific industry of the domain from the attribute and see the results accordingly.

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