A2 Hosting Review 2021 | Quick A-Z info plus Q&A on A2hosting

Writing A2 Hosting Review is adventurous because it has so many advanced features and surprises.

A2 Hosting Reviews Reddit – According to Reddit users A2hosting rocks!

commercial metropole special quote
commercial metropole special quote

Reddit users specified a2hosting quality (Detailed comments)

A user named u/arabtornado: ask to choose between A2 Hosting / SiteGround / GoGeek shared hosting.

According to this archive, other Reddit users commented briefly.

u/clonick: A2 Hosting is good in shared hosting only, speaking of services other than shared hosting, there’re better hosting service providers than A2 hosting.

u/scratch82: I’ve changed 3 hosting service providers so far for various reasons. I’m currently on A2 hosting. At first, I was at Siteground. The main problem with their shared hosting (Largest Shared Plan) was the CPU usage which later led me to migrate to VPS Hosting (+100 € per month). However, I couldn’t do much with the WordPress site.

Then I decided to go to HostGator but that experience was horrible. I had to wait for 15 days for migration. Their customer service provider is not very helpful which gives a feeling that I’m chatting with a robot. Ticket support was as terrible as migration. (u/scratch82)

Currently, I’ve migrated on A2 hosting in less than 2 hours and the speed is incredible. After migrating to A2 Hosting, the sites I visit regularly are loading faster now.
The downside is that their support system delays a bit. However, they’re helpful, that’s why it doesn’t come to mind. (u/scratch82)

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u/arabtornado: The Max version of PHP is first available on A2 Hosting and Siteground, running a slightly lower version of PHP in Hostgator.

u/OriginalSimba: The Siteground is embarrassing, if this is your only choice then go with A2 hosting.

These hosting providers are not your only choice of course. More good-hosting service providers are offering the same price online.

u/FuriouslyListening: The cost of Siteground renewal is high and it is increasing every year but we are not getting similar benefits. It costs less with A2 hosting.

u/rajendrazore: A2 hosting is good but the shared hosting plan can give you crazy downtime.

u/Not-original: There’s no worse hosting service than A2 Hosting, the worst hosting service provider I’ve ever had. Our server was down for 2 months and their customer support is a joke. Spend more money and get a hosting service from any other service provider but avoid A2 hosting.

A2 Hosting WordPress – Combined benefits of A2 Hosting and WordPress

With the speed of A2 Hosting and the resources of WordPress and the ability to start a business easily, A2 Hosting has become the best WordPress hosting service provider.

A2 Hosting provides 2 types of WordPress hosting services with multiple plans. Shared WordPress hosting Startup plan starts at $2.99/month and Turbo Max plan is only $14.99/month.

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In the case of Managed WordPress Hosting Service, a 1-Site plan starts from just $12.99/month and you get Unlimited-Site Hosting Plan for $43.99/month.

There’s no shortage of speed as both managed and shared hosting plans use this turbo engine. Moreover, being a WordPress hosting, you’ll get premium resources.

You can choose the location of the data center as per your choice. There are more Money Back Guaranteed Satisfaction with Unlimited Websites and Automatic Backup.

A2 Hosting Support – Completely helpful or not?

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commercial metropole business quote

There are many complaints about the support of A2 Hosting and many people appreciate it. So it can be said that different persons are getting different types of service, one of the reasons may be that they provide different types of support in each region.

The support type of each sector is different. Each sector has a frequently asked question i.e. FAQ, by reading it you’ll get answers to common questions.

There’re also guidelines on important topics through which you can solve many problems on your own.

A2 Hosting has its support team for additional support. You can contact them directly in a live chat or open a support ticket to get help with details about your problem.

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In the case of support, a reply should be given within 30 minutes, but due to unexpected error, it can be delayed up to 24 hours. (User Experience)

Live chat replies are usually given within 1 min.

To make A2 hosting support more specific, they’ve provided country-based phone numbers, which means you can now get help instantly by calling directly.

A2 Hosting Affiliate – Passive income (Make more money easily)

A2 Hosting affiliate program is fantastic because it has a tier 1 and tier 2 level referral commission.

T1: Suppose you referred a person to A2 hosting through the A2 hosting affiliate link and the person you referred bought a hosting/domain service from A2 hosting. This is tier one.

T2: The person who bought a service through your affiliate link will refer someone else and for that, you’ll receive a tier 2 commission.

In Tier-1 you can get up to $125 per sale and in Tier-2 you’ll get $5/new customer.

But in the beginning, you won’t get $125 per sale. The A2 hosting affiliate has a designated commission for Tier 1.

For 1-10 sales, you’ll get $55/user/sale
For 11-15 sales, you’ll get $75/user/sale
For 16-20 sales, you’ll get $100/user/sale
For 21+ sales you’ll get $125/user/sale

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You’ll find A2 Hosting reviews on many sites, which means people talk about it and most of the reviews are positive. So such a service can be promoted and if there’s passive income, why not!

You can find out more details (FAQ) by contacting the Affiliate Manager at the A2 Hosting Affiliate page.

By promoting A2 Hosting Affiliates, users are earning thousands of dollars every day. This is a passive income source and there’s no limit to your earning. You can make as much passive income as you want and the more you promote, the higher the income will be.

A2 Hosting Affiliate – Long 90-Day Cookie Life

Long 90-Day Cookie Life means in A2 Hosting Affiliate Support that if a user enters the website of A2 Hosting through your affiliate link and leaves the site without buying anything and within the next 90 days if he buys anything (Without entering the link you provided) from A2 Hosting, you’ll get a commission.

A2 Hosting Pricing – As Low As $2.99/Month!

When it comes to providing domain hosting services, A2 Hosting offers the lowest priced services. Speaking of service, the service is neither very good nor very bad, on average.

Price of $2.99/month Shared hosting, the lowest rate of A2 Hosting pricing service, the service is fairly good compared to the price.

There are some negative reviews about A2 Hosting’s Reseller hosting service. Since I’m not personally using reseller hosting, I’m not reviewing. A2 Hosting pricing for reseller hosting starts at $18.99/month.

VPS Hosting‘s pricing is average only $4.99/month and the service is fairly good. Many of us think that VPS hosting only works to increase the speed of the site/app, but this idea isn’t completely correct. 

Off-topic: VPS hosting helps resource loading faster but has some more significant functions. Using VPS hosting allows you to take full control of your hosting server and choose the server’s data center location. Besides, using VPS Hosting allows you to quickly make changes to your server’s required scripts/commands/modules. Anyway, it was off-topic. We were talking about the pricing of A2 hosting. 

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There are more services available for pricing such as WordPress hosting, Dedicated server, Domain, etc. A2 Hosting WordPress has already been discussed above.

Dedicated servers are definitely for entrepreneurs. I’m a small blogger, I don’t need a dedicated server, but I read a lot of reviews. You too can easily get important info by reading reviews from various bloggers/experts. However, if you visit the official page of A2 Hosting, I hope you’ll get a lot of info from there. And if you want to know the details, don’t forget to use their live chat option.

A2 Hosting Pros and Cons (Most important)

Pros / Advantages:

  • 99.9% Uptime Committed
  • Low-cost Budget Hosting
  • Free Site Migration
  • 24/7/365 Expert Support Team
  • Super Fast-Safe Turbo Servers
  • High Capacity Unlimited Storage
  • Automatic Site/Resources Backups
  • Guaranteed Money-back Policy
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel is Free
  • Free SSL Certification
  • DDoS Protection
  • Cloudflare Free, Basic, Plus Available
  • Free Website Builder Included
  • Datacenter of Choice
  • Physical Memory 50% Extra
  • A2 Optimized Software (More speed)
  • Anycast DNS (Easy domain management)
  • A2 Perpetual Security (Strongly secure)
  • Email/Ticket Support Anytime
  • Live Chat Support 24/7
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – More protection
  • Virus Scanner (Actual)
  • Dual Firewall
  • Free HackScan Protection
  • PayPal Merchant Account Available
  • WooCommerce 1-Click Setup
  • Webmail (Included)
  • Spam Protection Available
  • Choose Your PHP Version
  • LiteSpeed Web Server (High speed)
  • FTP / FTPS (Included)
  • Unlimited Parked Domain/Subdomain/Addon Domain
  • Website Statistics & Analog Visitor Statistics (Included)
  • Up to 72% Discounts
  • Thousand Plus Positive Customer Reviews

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Cons / Disadvantages:

  • Multiple site migration may incur additional costs.
  • Sometimes it is delayed to get support.
  • Everything in the Startup plan is limited.
  • The startup plan has no automatic backups.
  • Have to pay a separate fee to handle traffic spikes.
  • The startup plan has no addon domains included.
  • Dedicated IP requires extra cost.
  • The startup plan doesn’t support the LiteSpeed cache.
  • The cost is higher and the discount is less if the service is taken for a short period.

A2 Hosting Review 2020 [Selected Best]

Most of the reviews are 5 star and full of praise, many have analyzed again how A2 Hosting has changed their lives and how happy they’re with A2 Hosting.

good hosting quote
commercial metropole good hosting quote

However, we won’t go into so much analysis, we’re highlighting the best reviews of 2020.

The support team shared valuable information while competing for tickets. Great support.
Jim B. October 16, 2020

Great web hosting with professional hands.
Hatim E. October 22, 2020

A2 Hosting doesn’t and may not compromise on customer satisfaction.
Tony T. January 13, 2020

Can’t complain about technical support, they’re excellent.
Bokor B. October 28, 2020

A helpful and friendly web hosting company and support are commendable.
Joseph D. December 26, 2020

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A+ for A2.
Henry M. December 25, 2020

The best web hosting company I have used. I won’t regret it.
Lesa J. December 11, 2020

I never thought migration would be very easy and less of a hassle. All thanks to the A2 Hosting Migration Team. They’re skilled technologists.
Angela T. December 27, 2020

Usually, my hosting server doesn’t have any problems and once I have a drag myself, the support team of A2 Hosting quickly and relentlessly fixed the problem.
Philippe G. February 8, 2020

I’ve tried a couple of hosting companies for speed optimization and I am fascinated by the speed optimization of A2 hosting.
V B. December 1, 2020

A2 Hosting – Wikipedia

Bryan Muthig, an experienced UNIX system administrator and a friend started A2 Hosting in 2001 at Ann Arbor, Michigan(Mi) in a two-room office.

Initially, the hosting company hosted some sites of friends and family, but the desire was to grow the company, and the fulfillment of that desire is today’s A2 hosting best-hosting provider company.

The name A2 came from Ann Arbor and Bryan Muthing named it.

In 2003, A2 Hosting became a developer-friendly hosting company.

The number of employees working in the A2 hosting company will be approximately 150 people.

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FutureServe Green Hosting

What’s it? A2 Hosting is headquartered in Ann Arbor (nicknamed Tree Town) with about 50,000+ trees or 150+ parks. Committed to fighting global warming, A2 Hosting has partnered with an organization called Carbonfund since 2007 to fight global climate change

If any hosting package of A2 hosting is sold in a given month, they plant 3 trees for each package.

To reduce the excess production of CO2, the staff/employees of the telecommuting sector work remotely from their homes.

A2 Hosting Webmail Login / All supported email services

Free email web hosting? The most interesting thing about A2 Hosting is that you’re buying not only the hosting server but also getting a lot more for free, so why not call A2 Hosting the best web hosting service?

webmail a2 hosting

Email service is free with a hosting package. Not only this, with the help of A2 Hosting you can get the best email service that is easy to use and liked by the users.

It’s not just a free email web hosting service, you’re getting unlimited email accounts.

You may have a lot of staff/employees in your company, you may have to open separate business accounts for everyone, so A2 Hosting offers Unlimited Email Accounts with any hosting package. 

Webmail is one of the most popular email services and almost all hosting service providers prefer this email service. Webmail is connected to the hosting server’s control pane and can be accessed directly from the control panel.

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There are different protocols or systems for exchanging messages via email. A2 Hosting is offering all those services together with the hosting package for free. Some common systems/protocols are POP3, IMAP, SMTP

In the case of Webmail, they offer two versions, Horde & RoundCube. These two types are used because they’re very easy to control, customizable, and have friendly access. A2 Hosting’s webmail is the best to forward the business hassle-free.

There are more advanced features like spam protection, Barracuda Advanced Spam Filtering included!

A2 Hosting Complaints – Recent customer dissatisfaction

As of January 12, 2021, Trustpilot has 1,062 user reviews aimed at A2 hosting company. Average ratings “Great” and “3.9 stars“.

  • 79% Excellent reviews
  • 4% Great reviews
  • 1% Average reviews
  • 2% Poor reviews
  • 14% Bad reviews

Bad reviews don’t mean bad companies. Users may not be able to catch up on many updates over time or users may not be able to catch up with the A2 hosting company. This can lead to misunderstandings between the user and the A2 hosting company, resulting in a violation of the user experience. Users of A2 Hosting in Bad Reviews have suggested what needs to be improved and how A2 Hosting Company can be more user friendly and effective if improved.

So there’s no reason to read bad reviews and think that A2 hosting provides bad service. Bad reviews are only a compliment for A2 hosting. Some user complaints from Bad Reviews are shown below.

— Valon Manxhuka – the US
I’ve been a client of A2 hosting since 2018. I was happy until July 2020; I got a message ‘your subscription is acquired by MochaHost.’ My ‘Swift Web Hosting – Windows’ package was valid till April 2022 by a2 hosting. They migrated my stuff without my permission. [Solved]

— Brian Owens – the US
In the offshore sector, crews were with poor interpersonal skills and little to no technical knowledge. I had to call several times to get the most basic issue to solve. [Contacted]

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— Steven – the US
The first month was great with A2 hosting. I had a fast VPS hosting server and I got permission for 4 TB bandwidth per month. However, the traffic monitor said that I used half the bandwidth in the first 4 days of my second month. It’s impossible, I didn’t have that much traffic. My 16GB RAM was using a 90% range which is not stable. The second-tier support crew refused to help. Chatted with any other technicians they couldn’t help either. The ‘manager’ said that I need to remove all my files from the server and find another hosting platform. They said they would try their best to keep the server running for 7 days.

— Robel – UK
I paid the server’s bill 3 months ago, and they canceled the package and I’m still waiting for the refund. [Contacted]

— Chelle B – TT
Waited a whole hour for someone to come to the live chat. I needed to know some basic information before buying their service. However, they’ve lost their first impression. [Solved]

A good practice is A2 Hosting replied to every one of them and convinced them that A2 Hosting is responsible for what happened to the users due to the change of position or temporary inconvenience, shortage of people, unforeseen calamity and later confirmed that this incident will not happen to any other users.

A2 Hosting Free Trial – Guaranteed money back policy

A2 Hosting comes with a money-back guarantee of up to 45 days.

Refund policy or money back system of A2 Hosting is easier and hassle-free than all other hosting service providers.

Within 30 days of opening the account, if you cancel your package for any reason or shift from A2 hosting, you’ll get a full refund, meaning you’ll get back the full amount of money spent on the service without any hassle.

Just as customers are proud of A2 Hosting’s guru support crew, so are staff at A2 Hosting.

They help with anything, they’ll help if you need support about the money-back policy.

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However, A2 Hosting has certain refund policies which are as follows –

  • If you cancel the service within 30 days of buying the service and ask for an immediate refund, you’ll be given a full refund.
  • If you want a refund after 30 days of taking the service, the money will be deducted and the rest will be refunded as long as you have used the service.
  • If you want a refund 120 days after taking the service, the refund will be given through PayPal.
  • Refunds will not be given for the month in which the service was used. This means that if you have used A2 Hosting for 7 days in November, you’ll not receive a November refund. You can get a refund for December next month.
  • If the account is banned for violating the Terms of Service, no refund will be given.
  • If you want to get a refund for the SSL certificate, you have to take it within 7 days of purchasing the service.
  • Refunds for domain registration, setup fees, and migration fees are not offered.

A2 Hosting Features – Why A2hosting so popular?

A2 Hosting Chat Transcript Download Feature

a2 hosting chat transcript

To get the technical support you need to have an account at A2 Hosting and be logged in.

You don’t have to have an account to inquire about sales. It’s possible to communicate with live chat, call, or message.

A2 hosting’s live chat option is full of great features. When you started the chat, when you finished, what is the user rating, what is the rating of the supporter, actual chat, that is, you can take all the information in your mail as soon as you want and if you want you can download it directly to the device as a PDF file.

This is Chat Transcript and I know you’ll enjoy this feature for no reason.

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Standard reseller or Turbo reseller?

A2 Hosting’s reseller plan has two types of hosting servers namely the Standard Reseller plan and Turbo Reseller plan. The features and capabilities of the two types of servers are almost the same, with only a slight difference in speed.

We already know that Turbo Server loads and works faster than normal servers. This is because Turbo Server uses NVMe Solid-State Drive (SSD) which is the fastest memory so far. Only in this respect, Turbo Server improved and everything else is almost the same.

According to the performance, the price of the Turbo Reseller Hosting Plan is comparatively higher than the Standard Reseller Hosting Plan. 

Standard Reseller has 4 packages and Turbo Reseller also has 4 packages. The standard reseller hosting package starts at only $18.99/mo and the turbo reseller hosting package starts at $29.99/mo.

What is reseller hosting? How does it work? Why choose reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is when you want to start a domain hosting company but you don’t have the money to buy your server or you don’t have space to keep the server or maybe you don’t have skilled staff to take care of the server. What should you do now? You should buy reseller hosting from another hosting company and resell it. 

The matter is very simple, A2 Hosting company already has enough servers now they’ll rent their servers to you in a bulk amount. Renting a server from them in bulk amounts will cost you relatively less and you’ll re-rent that server to your audience. 

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Suppose you buy a bulk amount server from A2 Hosting for $1 which has 5 accounts. Now you sell to your local customers $1 per account while you spend $1 for your 5 customers and enjoy a $4 profit. Your customer is happy to have a good server and the A2 hosting company is happy to serve you.

A2 Hosting Swift Plan – Start your business instantly at a low cost

With over 10 years of server management experience and skilled staff, A2 Hosting is currently a high-performance Swift server provider. This means that no matter what position you’re in, whether it is new or old or somewhere in the middle, you can easily adjust yourself with A2 hosting.

With SwiftServer Plan, the support crew explains server space to you in just a few minutes and the price of a server is low so that you can launch your blog/business/portfolio very quickly.

A2 Hosting Migration – Migrate current web host to a2hosting

Site migration means you have a site and it’s currently hosted on another hosting company’s server. You’re not satisfied with their service so you want to transfer your site to A2 Hosting’s server and transferring the site from one server to another server is called migration in the language of the web host.

A2 hosting company has a separate team for site migration who only help customers with site migration. They’re skilled in their work because they’re doing it every day.

You don’t have to worry about site migration. A2 Hosting’s migration team will look at A – Z work. You just have to provide them some basic info. What info to give will depend on the type of your server. You can find out more details by contacting the support team.

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Before site migration, you must purchase a specific hosting package for your site at A2 Hosting Company.

You can’t migrate your site without purchasing server space or activating an account.

The servers in A2 Hosting are Shared Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting.

If you still want to know more about site migration on your initiative, you can read the guidelines of A2 Hosting on Site Migration

Knowledge Base:
How to request site migration from another host to A2 Hosting
Migrating an account from another web host
How to migrate e-mail from another host to A2 Hosting

How long it takes to migrate the site will depend on your new server setup, all resource transfers from the previous server.

A2 Hosting Free Migration – A2 hosting migration is now completely free and managed in 2021

First of all, site migration at A2 hosting is free.

A2 Hosting is called the best free website transfer hosting solution.

Free site migration is a great feature of A2 Hosting and there are many more features that you can learn and take advantage of from the moment of migration.

No matter how big your site is or how complex the site is, A2 Hosting’s 24/7/375 guru support crew will do the migration work for you efficiently.

A2 Hosting Review 2021 – Get the latest features and facilities

commercial metropole tweet on web hosting
commercial metropole tweet on web hosting

Good reviews, bad reviews, features, hidden truths, problems, solutions, systems, protocols are all explained in this article. If you’ve read the whole thing, I hope you don’t have to worry about A2 hosting again. Later, when a new update comes to A2 Hosting, I can write a new article about it or I can update it in this post.

I use 3 web hosting companies, one for my blog and the other 2 for business. Although 3 hosting is a hassle to manage, my virtual assistant makes this task easier for me

Currently, you’re reading: A2 Hosting Review, an article I think you might like to read: 11 Best Hosting Providers 2020 Worldwide

I use the hosting services of A2 hosting company and I would like to say something from my personal experience for you. There’re many good hosting providers in the market including A2 hosting. However, the crew of A2 Hosting is so sincere, helpful, and tolerant that I like to be with them.

Although the hosting companies made a lot of profit in 2021, it hasn’t been perfect yet. A2 Hosting isn’t perfect but is constantly trying. 

In addition to blogging, I do a lot of other work which is why it took me a long time to write this article, but thanks to the support crew of different levels of A2 hosting who helped me with good information.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Trust in business serves as the biggest investment. So try A2 Hosting. Be sure to check out their service and let your support crew know what you think. In this way, it’s possible to go far by helping each other.

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